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Do you love graphic t-shirts? Establish graphic t-shirt with a great message! My love for graphic t-shirts has totally been ignited after coming across Legendary Rootz. I love a good graphic tee, however these shirts are loud, proud, and full of style and for the Culture. I just have to share!! On today’s Black Owned Spotlight post I am sharing my thoughts on Legendary Rootz! Let get into this review!

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I am wearing “I Come From A Line” shirt

Behind Legendary Rootz

Legendary Rootz is a Black pride apparel shop established by Raven Gibson. This brand spreads a positive message about Black culture, Black pride, Black beauty through their various t-shirt collections, and accessories. Check out her interview with 21Ninety by Nishastephens. Click here to learn more about Raven and behind her business.

I initially came across this brand after scrolling through Instagram one night, @LegendaryRootz. I was really loving the aesthetics and the vibe of the post, that made me click. The rest was history.

Review Time!

So, when I got my package, finally I was so excited to see the shirts and the quality. I purchase 4 shirt that cost $25 each. Each shirts are made to order so shipping time does vary, or take a little longer due to that factor. However, I am going to blame the shipping delay on Covid-19.


The packaging was great! I was greeted with a nice package with all my shirts pre wrapped in their own clear packaging. I saw the colors and the size, which was marked with a sticker on the outside. Also my shirts with packed with brown confetti with a cardstock paper. I can’t remember if it was thank you note. Overall, all of that thought put into the packagingmade my day.

Graphic T-Shirt

Like I said I purchase 4 shirts with 4 different graphics. Each having a positive message, call to action, or reminder in regards to the Black Culture. I purchase the tees in the following graphics:

The shirts feature a crew neck, and are soft to the touch, and made with cotton. The colors range from black, white, neutrals, vibrant yellow & autumn color. The fit is a nice light feel and the quality is amazing. I have worn and washed each shirt a few times, and still have the same quality when I first got them. Just amazing! Worth the $25 and wait time. I love all the shirts ! My favorite t-shirt that I purchase is “Dope Black Women” . It is vibrant brown color, placement of the graphic, and font. I love it!

These shirt for me are more than just a t-shirt. They shirt represent Black people and Black women in positive light. I stand! It a call to action , and reminder that Black representation is so important.

Overall, my experience was great. The quality is bomb! Tons of shirts and accessories to pick from. If you love graphic tees like me check them out! If you are ally, check them out. Looking for a gift, check out Legendary Rootz.

I am wearing “Dope Black Women”

Have You Heard of Legendary Rootz?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of September is an amazing month for you.

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