How I Keep My Mask Clean During the Pandemic ?

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How often do you clean or change your mask? Well for me I keep plenty of masks in rotation and I wear a clean mask everyday. To ensure that all my masks stay clean, I have designated  a mask wash day- just like laundry day. 

If you have seen the recent news, cases of COVID-19 have surged in Michigan.  Good people, we can not afford to go back. Wearing a mask and socially distancing ourselves is how we are going to slow spread of the virus. There may be a lot of controversy over wearing a mask, but I would rather wear a mask then to be in the hospital on a ventilator. Michigan’s motto is Spread Hope, Not Covid and I want to do just that. So how do we adjust to our new norm? 

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Wearing the Mask…

Wearing a mask can be fun. So many different colors, designs, and patterns. You can keep tons of them in rotation. Just like your clothes you want to make sure you are regularly  cleaning  and properly discarding your mask. In today’s post I am sharing my tips on how to  keep your mask clean during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Again, I do my part !   I wear my MASK everywhere I go. No excuses! To ensure I am not getting my family or friends sick I make sure I wear my mask anytime I am out and about.  Michiganders are required to wear a mask in indoor spaces and crowded outdoor spaces. Masks and face coverings can help to reduce the spread by about 70%. 

The next thing to think about is the cleanliness of your mask. Just like your hands, body and clothes: it is important that you keep your mask clean.  Being outside and walking around in a mask can accumulate bacteria. According to The Michigan Department Health & Human Services it is best to clean your mask after every use.  As I mentioned before I keep several clean different masks in rotation and I have specific wash day for them.  Here are some of my tips to ensure my mask stays clean.

Please Note: Never Wash a disposable mask. Please discard those masks in the waste basket. Not on the ground!!

How To Clean Your Mask?

If you’re hand washing your mask..

I prefer to hand wash my mask. I have a lot of different masks for different occasions. Some with rhinestones and pretty design. To ensure the integrity I hand wash those masks.

1: Prepare the Solution: I mix baby wash and antibacterial soap alongside warm water. I mix that together to I get nice foam!

2: I dip my mask inside the solution and I scrub scrub scrub !

3: After scrubbing I let my mask sit in the solution for 3 minutes.

4: Rinse my mask in room temperature water.

5: Let the mask air dry or throw them in your dryer.

If you’re washing your mask in machine..

If you are also a person on the go, you definitely wash your mask in your regular laundry. Just make sure you are using the warmest  water temperature for mask cloth material. I usually use the warmest temperature. In addition, I use my laundry detergent alongside the Lysol laundry sanitizer. After you wash you can air dry or throw them in the dryer 🙂 

What are some tips and tricks you use to keep your mask clean? 

Overall, this pandemic has caused hysteria we are pushing through. We can’t afford to go back so we must continue to do what is asked of use to slow the spread of this illness. Be safe everyone and wear a mask!  To learn more, click here.

Spread Hope, Not Covid!!

What are some tips and tricks you use to keep your mask clean? 

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