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Is it too early to talk about the holiday? Well I think it is a great time to talk about the holiday season and budgeting for it. This time may be a lot different due to the pandemic however, is that going to stop us from over spending? Due to the pandemic I have been over spending and I want to get myself back on task. Budgeting! I know it sounds hard but with my quick tips, and some dedication you will be ready for the holiday! In today’s post I am sharing 5 quick holiday budget tips that help keep my finances inline.

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I have had some financial struggles in my past. Over spending has definitely plague me, especially during the holiday season. It comes every year and every year it seem like it was hard and harder for me to buy gifts or contribute during the holiday. So I sit myself down and get to business. Why was I always broke during the holiday?

Well I notice that was over spending. I was budgeting but not giving my money name, so I would over spend. In order to budget effectively you have to account for everything. I use the zero-budget method. To learn more click here.

Let get into these holiday budgeting tips..

5 Tips For Holiday Budgeting

  1. Set up your budget: If it hasn’t already, due to the pandemic a lot of budget are tight. However we still want to have a great holiday season. To due so we have to plan accordingly and HAVE A BUDGET. Creating a budget for yourself helps you see and know where each evvery dollar is going to. In addition, it helps you stay on task, it stops the over spending. It take some dedication and will power as well. So you might have to rearrange/ adjust your budget around. No more spending all your money on eating out.
  2. Track your spending: Keep a note of all you spending you did daily. Look at your bank statements or use your banking apps to see where your money is going each day. Remember to have a plan for each dollar that your spending.
  3. Create a set budget line for each person on your holiday list. Simple set a budget of how much you are going to spend for the people on your holiday list. In addition, set a budget for holiday food. Remember we are in pandemic we might not have to spend so much for food this year. Socially distancing
  4. Use discount codes on gifts: Use a site like RetailMeNot that have coupon codes to get great deals. In addition, you can use Rakuten to shop certain sites, you can receive commission for shopping on these sites, and coupons.
  5. DIY: Get CREATIVE !! Do it yourself gifts or decorations can help cut cost.

What are some budgeting tips help keep cost down and money in your pocket? Share them in the comment section.

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What are some budgeting tips help keep cost down and money in your pocket?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of November is an amazing month for you.

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