What I Am Wearing On The Weekend | Top + Ankle Pants & More

Happy Wednesday. Let chit chat a bit. Did you know the only time I get to dress up, or dress casually cute on the weekend. My best looks come out on the weekend. That is the only time I get make a statement, or wear what I love in public.

Throughout the week, you would only see me wearing graphic tees, leggings or sweatpants. Just simple attire while I’m working from home. So again the time I get show up and show out with my wardrobe on the weekend. Therefore, let’s get into this weekend look.

In today’s blog post I am sharing my outfit details on my weekend look I am loving and what I love to wear on the weekend in general.

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FashionLayn’s Outfit Deet

Over the past few weeks now in Detroit, the weather has been getting warmer and warmer. And some days have been super hot. This past weekend the weather was beautiful and I wanted to get some vitamin d on my skin. So I reached for one shoulder top for my weekend look.

Let me establish that some of weekend pieces are white tops, denim jean, and a dress. This look is giving me all of that. I am featuring a white one shoulder ribbed crop top from Shein. For the past couple two summers I have been noticing that one shoulder tops have showing up to the scene. These tops are giving me life.

Next, are the pants. Bay bay, its the light wash denim ankle pants for me. I purchase these mid-rise embroidered denim ankle pants from Target’s brand Knox Rose. I was totally taken a back, these denim jeans are beautiful and they brought a lot of joy. The joy for me was the pop of color, the textured stream of colors on the side of seams. So beautiful and so unique. I stand.

Lastly the weekend look is completed with the tan knit bag from Bird Bee. This bag holds all my essential and it only cost me $32 bucks. I really the natural look of the knit in which compliment the colorful embroidery seam on the pant leg. It is easy to go bag and I love for the market run, or weekend days in the city.

You can easily wear this outfit with sneakers, heels or wedges. Lastly, I added my taupe block heels from Target to polish the look up a bit. These are pretty comfortable for heel.

How are you liking this weekend look?

What I Love To Wear On the Weekend

So I am made it clear, that I love to make a statement. In other words I love to be seen, and use my wardrobe to be seen and to make a statement. My favorite pieces to wear on the weekend are denim jeans, white tops or white button-ups , and sneaker. Those are my simple go to.

What do you like to wear on the weekend?

Overall, I am loving this weekend outfit. It is cool, casual, and popping with color. Going forward with this series, I plan to share more content of the different weekend looks I put together. I thinking about sharing my go-to dress next weekend! Stay tuned

Location: Eastern Market. Detroit, MI

What are your weekend staple wardrobe?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of May is an amazing month for you.

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