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Happy Thursday everyone. New Bag Alert ! I have added another bag to my collection and I am swooning over it.

If you all know my first love and introduction into the fashion industry were through handbags. I love a good handbag and I love sharing Black Owned Business on my platform. So today I am marrying the two. In today’s Black Owned spotlight post I am sharing what I got from Brandon Blackwood.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my full unboxing video where I am revealing my bag and spilling all the tea about my initial review and experience. Don’t worry I have linked this video below

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The “Kendrick Trunk” Bag

First, I have been huge fan of Brandon Blackwood NYC for quiet sometime, now. It is new in Black Owned brand in the bag/ luxury bag industry. This is my second time purchasing a handbag from this brand. I mention in a previous post that I order one of their ESR bag ( End Systemic Racism) in the cream color. If you want to check that post out, click here.

So long story short I purchase the “Kendrick Truck Bag” from This bag is their black denim bag with gold hardware. The material is so soft with a cloud like material underneath to give the bag a little bit of plush. It is a mini trunk bag, that comes with a shoulder strap for the crossbody effect . Also, the bag features a gold buckle clasp at the top for fastening.

To add, this bag is a great size. With the dimension of 7.5″ W x 6″H x 3″ D you can fit a lot of your essentials in this bag. You can definitely fit your phone, keys, lip gloss or lip stick, and any other personal items in your trunk bag. It is beautiful.

Lastly, I the trunk bag price range from $150 – $185. I purchase my trunk for $150. The site featuring this bag in other colors and sizes. Click here to check out the other styles of bags at Brandon Blackwood. In addition, if there are not available on the site, try looking at The Lobby.

On Another Note

NOTE: Make sure you check out my video below, where I spill all the tea. If you have noticed, I got this bag in August. I was supposed to get this bag in June. Check the video below for more information about my shipping experience.

Overall , I love this bag ! This bag is so beautiful and very premium! Definitely a great price point!

How Style My Look Around My Kendrick Trunk

Let switch gears and talk about the fashion. Since the Trunk bag is classic black denim bag I decided keep the look pretty casual with a bit of twist. I paired my bag with black gingham blouse from H&M. I tied the shirt in the front to show off the high waist of the pants. You can find a similar blouse from Amazon, click here*.

Next, I pair the blouse with my cream color gingham ankle pants. I was inspired by another influencer, Mattie James aka The Mattie James to wear gingham. These pants are from Who What Brand at Target. You can shop a similar pair from Target, here *. The pants are available in plus size as well!

Easily I added my black vintage mules I found at a local resale boutique, called Mama Coo’s Boutique. I got these mules for $15 ! Omg such a steal. I mention these shoes in a previous post about the recent thrifted goods I purchase. If you want to check this post out, click here.

Overall, I love this look so much. What do you think about this look? Would you shop this brand?

Gingham Ankle Pants* | Gingham Button Down* | Black Mules*

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My Unboxing Video

If you want to peep my initial reviews and reactions. Make sure you follow me on Instagram. I usually share all my first impressions and thoughts on IG first. So get a heads up, follow me there!

Check out my unboxing video to get my initial reviews of my bag ! Check it out below! I am spilling all the tea on

Would Are Your Thoughts On This Bag?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of AUGUST is an amazing month for you.

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