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Do you like wearing clothes that make a statement? The ESR canvas bag has a great message, and I am here for it all! Black people EVERYWHERE our tired of constant mistreatment. To have to constantly remind folks that systemic racism does exist, and it needs to end. Offend times as Black woman I feel ignored however if my voice is unheard, I will wear loud and proud on my clothes, and accessories.

Brandon Blackwood, a Jamaican/ Chinese designer, created bag that is functional, practical, and makes a HUGE statement. Brandon Blackwood is a huge contemporary leather goods line. To learn more about the designer , click here. Selling which I am all for supporting a brand or business that wants to see the end of racial injustice and systematic oppression. On today’s post I am sharing my thought on this ESR canvas bag and how you can educate and help the Black Lives Matter & EndSARS movement! Let get into.

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This is little 20 inch ESR canvas bag with a loud and clear message. In silver hardware it reads, END SYSTEMATIC RACISM. It may be small but it packs a real punch. On the inside it has interior pocket and Brandon Blackwood logo. This tote can definitely hold all your essential: money, cash, phone, and lip gloss. Whatever you find essential to you! You can also carry this tote like a cross body, it comes with a canvas strap with silver hardware attachments.

The bag is currently $70 bucks on the Brandon Blackwood NYC site, here. In addition, the bag are now avaliable in other colors and textile. Click here.

Morever, a portion of the proceeds will go towards to Pro Bono legal assistance provided by Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights. To learn more about the ESR bag and the proceed to Lawyers Committee, click here.

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Black woman with ESR canvas bag

Black Lives Matter EVERYWHERE

On serious note, there a lot of things that are going in the world, not just the USA. Globally we all have been impacted by the pandemic on top of it all, we have to deal with racial tension at an all time high , systematic racism, police brutality, and this election in USA. On the other side of the world our sisters and brothers in Nigeria are dealing with the police brutality, sexual assault, and so much more from Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). As of now this came to light on Twitter, of a two men, one being shot by SARS.

This has cause so much tension and has taken the vial of my eyes. Yes it a lot going on in the USA and it a lot going on someplace else. . I have to extend myself and see what going how other Blacks are being effected. I can’t be about Black Matter Movement without including and standing up for all Black Lives, that means everywhere. So, I am going take some time to educate myself and how I can help my Black brothers and sisters everywhere, especially in Nigeria. Black Lives Matter EVERYWHERE.

To learn more about Black Lives Matter Movement, click here.

In addition, to learn more about #EndSARS, click here.

ESR canvas bag

Location: Eastern Mi

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