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After a weekend of thrifting I must say I am totally addicted now. I started back in March after reading an article about sustainability, fast fashion, and such. In addition, I got really inspired by a Youtuber name KIA. You may of heard of her… TheNotoriousKia.

She made thrifting look so easy. In addition, she also express her views on sustability, and fast fashion.

Long story short, I was inspired to do the same and I love it. In today’s blog post I am sharing some of the recent thrifted goods I purchase. Make sure you check out the mini video below. I have shared how I styled each good I got .

My Thrifting Story

First, I think it is a great idea to buy second items instead of buying brand new things. It is Eco Friendly, a way of reducing waste, and a way of taking my hand out of fast fashion. Also, it is lifestyle. Let be clear it is not always by choice for some people. I am of my privilege to pick and choice where I purchase from. Fashion is my life however, my goal is to be more conscious of how I am spending, and ethically conscious as well.

I recently start officially thrifting in March of this year. I began when I was trying to find a jewelry box for my jewels. Again, I am trying to be more conscious with my spending. On contrary, I also wanted to help reduce my carbon print on our home, Earth. Back to the story. All the stores and shop wanted so much money for jewelry box. I was not down for it. One day I walk into a Salvation Army by my house and walk right into a jewelry box for $7 bucks.

Now let me be clear thrifting started off a bit hard for me. It can be bit overwhelming. After trying my hand at it a few time I learn to come in with specific goal , a list of what I am looking for, and my own personal style. These little tips help stop being overwhelm and buying things that I do not need.

I enjoy thrifting so much because I love affordable options, I am able to save money, and environmentally friendly.

What I got from the Thrift Store

I found some great things at the thrift store and resale shops. My favorite thing to buy are denim jeans. On my first visit to thrift store I found Levi Jeans and Tommy Jeans.

Check out pictures of all the things I found on my thrifting journey.

Wanna See How I Style Some of My Thrifted Goods ?

Check out the video below

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In addition, I also found some cute Mules that my mom use to wear. Side note, I am slowing turning into my mommy.

Thrift store and resale shops I am Loving

Value World – my favorite place !!

The Salvation Army

El Dorado General Store- Vintage

Mama Coo’s Boutique


In conclusion, my experience with thrifting has been super positive. I have found a lot of great things and I am looking forward to thrifting more.

Do you shop at the Thrift Store ? What are some of things you like to purchase from the Thrift & Resale Shops ?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of July is an amazing month for you.

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