I Took a DNA test… And I am….

I Took a DNA test… And I am….

Old pirates, yes, they rob I

Sold I to the merchant ships

Minutes after they took I 

From the bottomless pit …


-Bob Marley “Redemption Song”

These songs lyrics came to my head after I read my results from Ancestry DNA.  So yes I got my DNA tested for my ancestral background. Now some may say why did you feel the need to get you DNA tested? Clearly your black , African American… clearly so why did you need to get you DNA checked?

Let me you tell you something personal. Since I was young I was always trying to find a place to belong. Now I got the love at home and I belong to my parents but I always had a feeling that something was missing. My mom use to instill in me to be proud of my heritage. My African roots…. however I had no connection to land that my ancestor came from.  She told me that my ancestor like so many others were capture/ taken and sold. Never to be seen again.  Taken and brought to America to be slaves for the next 400 yearst . The history book call it the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Can you even image being rip away from all that you know and love and to sold. Broken from your family , thought to be less then human.. the list goes on !  So yes, with all that being said I was in search for a connection to the land that my ancestor came from…. affectionally known as the “Motherland” to me! Africa !




Okay… So again I got my DNA test through AncestryDNA.

All you have to do is order a DNA kit through Ancestry.com . Provide them spit sample lol…. proper term is salvia sample and send it back to Ancestry. They test your sample and 6-8 weeks you get your results ! Just that simple.

My results are broken down by regions and in a nutshell I am 82% West African, 11% Central & South African, 3% Southern European, and 1% Native American.  The results also stated that DNA origins are 2% Eastern Asian and less than 1% Middle Eastern hmmm very interesting. My ancestor wow they have a story and they are trying to get me to tell it.

AncestryDNA Results:



Now my results open my perspective. I now have a connections to specific counties within African that I can research and learn about: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana , Senegal, and Mali. Hey, possibly make plans to visit those countries ! Yes your girl is so excited I now have a connection to Motherland that I can learn about. Also learn more about the Gullah/ Geechee people. Another link to my ancestry and the motherland.

Now my next journey is to complete the African Ancestry test. This test was cosign by Chadwick Boseman aka T’Challa aka Black Panther on The Breakfast Club. This test will dive in deeper when in comes down to your African ancestry.  It can identify African origins,  and ethnic groups. I really excited to see how much I am going to learn. Also to continue to complete my family tree.  So with all that being said I am proud of my African roots,my ancestry.  I am a walking African queen !

to be lost is to learn the way.

-African Proverb


push forward



A Seat at the Table


(Album cover photography: Carlota Guerrero | IG @ carlota _guerrero | website)

Happy Tuesday !!

Today I decided to take a different approach on my blog. Instead of fashion lets talk about other love which is music. Most music truely express how I feel when I unable to find the right words to express how I feel. (if that makes sense)

I wanted to share my thoughts on the Solange’s newest album “ A Seat at the Table”. This Solo 3rd album, and yes it was worth the wait.  The cd has 11 songs and 8 interludes featuring Lil Wayne, Master P, Kelly Rowland and other.

I have to say that Solange has definitely separate herself from her sister.  This alum by far is one of the best this year. It so creative and embodies the soul of an unapologetic black woman. She is telling the true story out their heart, her soul, how she feels, and is perceived through other eyes.


This album was soul toucher for me. Solo used her platform to sooth our soul a bit.  This came at the right time for me. Especially due to the recent incidents in the black community, or black stereotypes, being a woman, and just be lost in the mind. I know my soul need a little a healing and her album was the remedy


(Album cover photography: Carlota Guerrero | IG @ carlota _guerrero | website)

My Top 5 Tracks

1: Cranes In the Sky : Basically tells a story about a black woman with a lot of pain. Cranes represent the construction period/ or the recovery that a woman goes through. All the things we do to recover. Shop, sleep around, over work .. or whatever you do to make ourselves feel better.


2:Mad (feat Lil Wayne):  All I have to say we have the right to our emotions. We are human we have the right to be mad. We should not as people apologize for being mad, we have a lot o be angry about.
3:Don’t Touch My Hair (feat Sampha) I believe this album is talking about the beautiful gifts of a black woman. We don’t want those gifts to be tainted. One of our gifts is our natural hair. Our hair sets us apart from others. Our natural hair is our heritage!


4:F.U.BU: This song is everything

5:Interlude “Tina Taught Me”:  There is so much beauty in being black….. It upsets me when we are not allowed to express that . Because you celebrate black culture doesn’t mean you don’t like white culture. It just means your pro black “
I love my heritage and I am proud to be black


We came here as slaves/ but were going out as royalty/ enables us to how that we are truely the chosen ones

Solange: The Digtal Book : Solangemusic.com | IG @Saintrecords |

Shoutouts: This post was inspired by Latoya, the creator of TheFatGirlofFashion . She did a great review on this album in which inspired me to do my own.