Struggling Blogger Chronicles #2

Baby Steps Are Good Steps


Baby Steps: Small/ realistic/ attainable goal

Yes I am back with another struggle blogger chronicle. This something that I really struggle with . Today I am taking about baby steps. No not the steps that your baby took. I am talking about the the small goals. The goals that are easy to meet.  Life really can have you in a rat race all the time. You feel you always have to be moving fast, or reach for big goal. Have you ever thought to yourself that a goal can’t be met because you haven’t taken the necessary baby steps to make it to the big goal. What I am saying you can not go from 0 to 1000 in one day. Yes millennials we have seen so many of our counterparts becoming over night success. Question is are they really overnight success? Did you see all the work they had to put in to get to the big goal ? Think about that question for a minute. Yes you only seen the glow up right. I have to think about this all the time as a blogger.  Why do we want everything now ?

As a blogger, I am telling you it is okay to make baby steps as a blogger. The next time you get caught up or discourage as a blogger just keep focus on the step that is in front of you.  Yes the big goal for me or for you is to be successful blogger. Think about the big goal for second. When I think about it somewhat overwhelming. I am really ready for all the hard work that come with running a successful blog. Yes in hind sight it looks so good but do you really understand the hard work behind it all. Exactly.. SO my baby steps goals set me up for my ultimate goal. Honestly I love blogging so much and it something I think about every minute of the day. I do not what to give up on my blog.

So this is how you do it .. you have to set realistic goals (baby steps). Goals that can be easy met to set you in the right direction.  For example, My realistic goal is is take a least an 1 hour day to improve my blog, or plan a post.  Another example, I will wakeup 1 hour early to plan a post for Instagram each day.

Yes set up goals that you can meet

Baby Steps still move you forward

So be patience and trust the process. You are taking all the steps in the right direction.

push forward.







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