What Are You Thankful For ?

WhatAre You ThankfulFor?

Yeah you !! What are you thankful for ?

And really think about this questions before you answer it. This is the time for you to not complain but to embrace all the things that you are thankful for.

I am thankful for these things.

  1. For Life: I am so thankful to be alive and breathing. Everyday is blessing !
  2. My Parent: My mother and my father are the best beings in my world and thankful to have them both. Real talk, not many people can say they have strong relationship with their parents or their parents, or one of their parent have went on. So when I find myself getting frustrated or taking them for granted I stop that shit. I thank God all the time for them.
  3. LOL: I am thankful for all “real LOL moment”. Those moments that you laugh so loud. The laughs that make you laugh box hurt lol
  4. Good Health- I can say this year I have some battles with my blood pressure, and anxiety this year. I am thankful for these small challenges because I know I can overcome all of them. They make me stronger. The good news is that my blood pressure has returned to normal.
  5. Money in the Bank: As of right now I literally $100 bucks to my name before pay day lol.  The bills are payed tho. So why be mad about the amount you have. We all have to figure out what
  6. I can sleep iI am thankful for my job: Simply as that. I am not fan of my job but I am thankful for it. The money I make keeps a roof over my head, food in stomach, and my blog going.
  7. Baby Steps: I am truly thankful for all the baby steps I am make. They maybe baby steps but they are steps in the right direction.
  8. Friends: I have less that handful of friends but they are some the best advice givers ever. I am so thankful that I have people that I can truly be myself.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. 🙂

So do me favor my loves write a list of what you thankful for and list why. I believe this little activity really help you put things in to perspective. Also, it confirm that your life is really not bad as you think. Yes this thanksgiving and this is a cool time to do this. However when I feel like everything is going down hill I have to list the things that i am thankful for. Girl!!! it really not that bad. So relax it will get better!

Have an awesome Thanksgiving yall ! ENJOY and eat good.

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