Summer Vibes X Striped Shirt Dress

Summer is among us and I am so happy to shed off these layers that I have been carrying around. I ready to let my arms and legs breathe and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. Yes !!

Lets have a little blast from the past.  I had a conference call with Natalie from Eloquii. We were discussing Detroit and all the wonderful things you can do here. Also, the new Eloquii store had made it arrival to Detroit. On the call I was invited to the grand opening party as well able to pick out few pieces as a gift. I was so excited and thankful at the same. So I stumble upon this shirt dress. Now normally I always go for something that is a little more form fitting. You know body con dress!  I love to show off my curves. So anyway all this month I wanted to focus on wearing items that are outside of my comfort zone. While I was online looking at  all the super chic items that Eloquii had to offer I found this dress in black and white stripes first. I started to go for black and white fit. I had to consciously tell myself no more black and white. Pick the red and white dress! Remember color !!!!


Eloquii designed a beautiful button down crepe woven shirt dress.  The contrast of the print is beautiful. I think this dress can stand alone.  Also it has puff sleeves…. puff sleeves are in style this season. Also the sash belt made the outfit in my opinion. I love items that a belt because brings my figure back. It can be worn or you can do without it if you want. This dress is so simple and comfortable. This can be worn on cool summer days,  a take a nice walk or you can sit down have nice espresso or tea at the local cafe.  I

Summer’s in the air,baby, heaven’s in your eyes 


Striped Dress Shirt-// Eloquii (LINK)

Check out Eloquii !! They have so many other beautiful dresses !!

Special thanks to Eloquii for letting me pick out this lovely dress and to my awesome photographer. She is amazing at what she does. I am thankful for her !!

Photographer: Richelle Marie Photography | IG: @richellemariephoto

Location: Harmonie Park


Thank you so much for reading !! Let me know what you are looking forward to this summer ? Let me know in the comment section below. 


push forward.




This item was gifted by Eloquii under no obligations or terms. All opinions are my own.



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