Prints X PaperBag Waist with Eloquii

Eloquii has done it again ! I was gifted this beautiful  skirt after attending the Grand Opening Eloquii Party in Novi.  Whimsical print right ? Eloquii continue to bring us stunning prints and beautiful skirts.  This print is so “IT” for summer!. The color alone is gorgeous and super excited  to get my hands on it.  I love anything that brings a different vibe to the floral prints. (i love floral aesthetics)  This dress is apart of Eloquii’s botanical collection!  I am for it ! Then the paper bag waist effect !  Lastly this has been on trend. Either you catch this on shorts, skirts and pants. I think this such a cute element brought to the waistline. This A line skirt is perfect for any curvy girl looking to accentuate their waistline. So yeah I am in love with the skirt! The only thing I would have to say about this skirt that it does get wrinkly fast.

Paper Bag Effect


everything you can imagine is real.



little sidenote:

 it has been so hard trying to keep myself going and motivated. as a woman i really get  down on myself. when i get down then i am unmotivated, and when i am unmotivated then i get behind on things that are important.. like my blog.  stressed  lately i have been so overwhelmed… when they say money is the root of all evil.. they were not lying. money troubles is definitely bringing me down and affecting how i move. i am almost 30 and i still don’t have it together yet. it really bugs me when i have to ask my parents for money. or i have to decline going somewhere because i just don’t have it. 

so i decided to take a small step back. i have to remind myself that you don’t have to spend all the time to have a good time. maybe this is what GOD is trying to tell me. so i  continue to budget myself, save my money and tell myself that you don’t have to spend all the time. you can find frugal ways to enjoy your life.  life certainly does not stop for anybody but i am not gonna stop living my life because money is an issue. this month and everyday is about joy. i don’t want to let anything stop me from living my life fully or blocking my joy. so this message is to all my ladies feeling overwhelm… keep pushing on ! don’t let anything , even yourself get in your way.  if you can dream it you definitely can do it. keep your joy.

if you can dream it, you an do it

-walt disney


Midi Skirt with Paper Bay Waist with Slits// Eloquii

Twist FrontCrop Tee// Shein

Again this skirt is everything ! Since this print was so bold I wanted to pair it with a plain top. I had the plan to pair with a black shirt, however I changed my mind. I wanted to bring out the white in the skirt so I put on a white crop top. I took a casual approach with this skirt and I do think you can dress it all the way up!

Special shoutout to Eloquii for always keeping us on our toes with their beautiful pieces !

Location: Downtown Detroit

Photographer: Mom – She is amazing with the camera .. Thanks mommy

push foward.


This item was gifted by Eloquii under no obligations or terms. All opinions are my own.

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