Single Life Series: Love Letter to Self

(Simply take my name and put yours!!)

I’m going to keep this post very simple and straight to the point. Love yourself. I really use to dread Valentine’s Day. Nobody special to share it with. Look at all the gifts on the timeline. I have learn over time that I don’t have to be bitter. I can celebrate too. What I take from Valentine’s Day is love. Not love for a lover or a significant other. Simply love for myself. I love me and everything that makes me … me! I have stated countless time before you can’t expect to love someone else when you don’t love yourself. It’s the truth sis ! It not easy. I have bad days, but I don’t let my bad days define Alayna ! So don’t speak down on you.  Love you and everything that makes you…you! Had to say it a second time. So slay the day hun ! Love on yourself . Hug yourself . Tell yourself your beautiful! Know who you are! Change the narrative on yourself ! Speak kind words to yourself! Shower yourself with Valentines today and everyday because you are a gem that can’t be replace.


be enough for self first, the rest of the world can wait 



Photographer: Malaika Hilson | IG: @malaikahilson

Location: Riverside Park- Detroit River

How Are You Going to Love Yourself Better?

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push forward.


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