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It was so beautiful this weekend. It was warm, bright, and sunny outside. One thing to know about me is that the weather dictate my mood. When it is sunny outside, I am in such good spirits. So of course I took to the city streets show off my threads. I like to keep it simple and casual when I walking up down the streets of Detroit.  In today’s post we will explore some of my favorite spring essential and how I put this casual wear together.

If you know me than you know I am a cool girl, nothing said cool more than distressed denim. So I reached for my favorite high waist denim jeans from Forever 21. Y all should already know that store is my “bread and butter”, and when I say that I mean it is affordable. These jeans are super comfy, just what I need for walking right?  If you are looking for distressed denim I would say to start looking at Forever 21, they have various of style and it is super affordable. If you want to invest in denim, then I would say take a Kut from the Kloth, and or Nordstrom to find a nice pair of quality jeans. Denim is such a staple in spring essential casual look.

Next, to the essential is striped top. You can never go wrong with this! You can dress it up or down. This shirt can take you a long way. I do ride a lot of trends but, I find it super important to have classic pieces in your wardrobe. I like to have pieces that can take me all year round. Trendy clothes live out it purpose for a moment. To save money I invest more in classic pieces. So this weekend I added a clean cut, crew neck striped top to my look. The shirt adds that classic affect to my look. Timeless.

Lastly, to compliment my classic striped shirt is an Olive Utility Jacket. This is another spring time essential to add to your closet. It also a timeless piece that you can wear in transitional seasons, like Spring or Fall. This olive jacket is my all time favorite, especially when the weather is bipolar. Growing up in the city, we all about industrial, hard work and such. This jacket speaks to all those things. It is tough and classic.  To keep this look casual and classic I add a utility jacket. If you are looking for Utility jacket, make your way over to Old Navy. The utility jacket I share is currently on sale and it goes all the way up to XXL.

Olive Utility Jacket// TjMaxx (old)

Black and White Stripe Shirt// Burlington (old)

High Waist Distressed Denim Jeans// Forever21 (old)


New Shoe Alert!! 

(** Dj Khaled voice**)

So I guess you can stay I am getting back into gym shoes. I use to be all into to gym shoes when I was teenager in high school. I always wanted the latest and greatest sneaks, but I never could afford them at that time. So when I started working I was finally able to get my hands on the shoes I liked. Of course I had to get my priorities straight so I decided it was best to put my love for gym shoes on the back burner.

Anyway at the tender age of 29 my love for sneakers have been resurrected. So my heart rejoice when I saw these pink Nautica shoes at Marshalls. First of all these shoes were so comfortable when I first tried them on.  My feet are able to breathe and the shoe work well for my wide feet. Of course the color got me, who can say no to millennial pink. These shoes retail for $30 bucks at Marshalls. There was no way I was going to leave them.

To conclude my look I always like to bring a pop of color to any look. This was brought my look home to me. The pink gym shoes brought my personality back to my look!

Nautica Women’s Steam Shoes // Marshalls


“Fashion fades only style remains”.

-Coco Chanel

Location: Downtown Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: My Mommy 🙂

What are you favorite casual wear? What do you go for, for a everyday look? Why?

Share with me in the comment section.

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