20 Small Ways to Improve Your Life

Improving your life does not have to be hard. Small changes are very beneficial to improving my life.  A sis is getting older and she can’t be doing the same thing she was doing in her early 20s. It is something that I constantly and consistently work on -Day by day.  It does not have to be super big gesture.  Small steps in the right directions can help with personal development. Forming good habits can lead you into developing a better life for yourself. On today’s post I sharing 20 quick and simple ways to help improve your life. These steps range from stress relievers,  help you become a better “you”, forming better relationships,  and healthier lifestyle.

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As of lately I noticed that I have been make small changes with what I eat. I have been drinking about 64oz of water everyday, eating oatmeal, and having salad consistently for the past few weeks. I noticed that small changes have been making me feel so much better.  When my gut is happy I am happy. SMALL CHANGES TURN INTO BIG IMPROVEMENTS! Check out the list below to see more.

20 Small Way to Help Improve Your Life

  1. Drink plenty of water everyday.
  2. Stay prayed up or meditate. I would say pray at the beginning of your day to set the tone.
  3. Make your bed up as soon as you get up in the morning. This will make your room appear more tidy and put together
  4. Put your phone on ” DO NOT DISTURB” or turn it off for 1 hour for “ME” time.
  5. Eat that make you feel good inside. Feed your soul !
  6. Smile back at yourself
  7. Wake up earlier and on time, consistently
  8. Smile when you make eye contact with others.
  9. Clean your closet or whatever you need to get  rid of clutter and disorder.
  10. Develop a morning and/or bed time routine
  11. Go outside.
  12. Make a to do list and cross things off!
  13. Pack your lunch and/ or make dinner for yourself
  14. Reach out to the people you love
  15. Unsubscribe from emails or junk mail
  16. Listen to music
  17. Take a hot shower after a stressful day
  18. Make plans to hang with you love ones or friends
  19. Change your sheets
  20. Do something calming or relaxing 30 minutes before you go to bed.

So how are you going to improve you life? These quick an easy step will point you in the right direction. What is going to be the first step you make to improve your well being.

Location: Detroit Institute of Art (DIA), Midtown Detroit, Detroit MI
Photographer: Reem | IG: @rme.photo   
Shout out to Reem for returning back to photography and taking these amazing photos myself. Gorgeous !

How are you going to improve your life?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!!

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