FashionLayn Turns 5 | 5 Things I Learned from Blogging

It that time again. If you are visiting FashionLayn today, you get to celebrate with me. I am celebrating my 5 year blogging annivesary. On January 26th FashionLayn turns 5 years old. I can’t believe it! It so crazy….Where has the time gone. Let’s break out the champagne!  In the course of time I have learn and done so many things. My blogging career has definitely push me outside my comfort zone. To add, I met a lot of great people in the process. Since I learn so much, I thought it would be great to share a few things I learned over the course of 5 years.  On today’s post I am sharing my top 5 things I learned from blogging!

Lessons Learned in 5 Years of Blogging

1. Never stop pitching brands.

I have gotten a lot of no’s and unanswered emails in this career. Being a blogger/ influencer and trying to get companies/ brands to work with you is hard work. You have to make them believe in you. How can your blog/ business help them? What makes you different? What can you bring to the table? I learned over my 5 years of  blogging, you have to stay consistent with reaching out. Reach out, be clear, and follow up. Let the company know what you have to offer. Understand your brand, product, or blog is unique- you have something to offer!

In my career, I have been given the opportunity to work with Forever 21, Eloquii, TomBoy X, and many more companies.  If the company say no, go through another door, or pitch somewhere else. Never give up on yourself and what you build. Keep pitching, somebody will bite. Trust me!

2. Push for quality over quantity.

Cracking out content consistently is hard. You might hear bloggers say that consistency is key to building a social following or blog. They are right! However, don’t just post anything just to say you post something. Push for quality content over quantity. You do not have to push out new content all the time to be a success. You will burn yourself out, if you continue to crack out so much. Then you look around for a month or so, you had a dry spell- no content. Spread out your content and give your 100% effort and high quality in each post. Brands do look!

3. Don’t compare your blog to others.

Again, you have something unique from everyone else that blogs. Your voice is unique,  It is downfall. You can easily read or listen to someone’s journey and get discourage. If they make a high career, then so can you. Don’t sell yourself short. And certainly don’t compare your apples to their oranges. (I meant what I said, Lol). Everyone has their own timeline, you have to stay in your lane. Hone into that, okay!  Over the course of time, I had to work on being discipline. Set boundaries and strategies to have a better blog each month. Know that if you stay determine, you will get to that place of success, with the others.

4. Stay true to you!

First please don’t get caught up in this crazy world of being like someone else. It is so easy to feel like you have to be like someone else or just going along with the flow. Stop trying to keep up with everything and everyone else. Remember, why you started. Ask yourself…What drove you to start your blog! Don’t focus on what others is doing, Do you sis. Let your voice penetrate, and watch how many people flock to you because you are being authentic. Authenticity is key and people know when you are faking. Save your time… just be you! Someone needs your voice!

5. Have a life outside your blog.

You do have to have life outside your blog. Like any job, we have to have work life balance. Remember if you are not at 100% then everything else will fall.  Make time for self and remove yourself from your blog. Get some fresh air, hang out with friends & family. Have fun!

So those are some of the lessons I learn over 5 years of blogging. I am so proud that I hit this milestone. If you are looking to be blogger, and have some question, feel free to leave me comment, or reach via email.

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