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February First…

Happy Monday! How was your January for? As most of y’all would say “January was a trial, I’m going start again in February”. Sis, I get it! January towards the end was really heavy. It certainly left most of us in a whirlwind of emotions. On today’s post I am reflecting, sharing my personal goals, latest fashion style & trends, and a brief blog note.

For me, January was full of excitement, chill, with some sadness. However, I was able to celebrate my life. I turned 30 and brought in my birthday in Vegas with some of my closest friends. To add to the excitement I shared my 30 thoughts on turning 30. So many thoughts, to check it out click here.  I had a lot of fun and overcome with a lot of emotions. With our beloved, Kobe and daughter Gigi’s  death on our shoulder it certainly put us all in state of shock and disbelief. The tragic death of those in the helicopter brought me back to reality. Life is so fragile. Our life is so precious.  I learned that we need to value our time on this planet. We all have an expiration date, so we need live our life to the  fullest, love our love ones harder, and live out our dreams..


Speaking of loving harder, February is the month of love! This is time I really want to focus my attention on self love. I love on myself that much harder. The commercial side of everything will make you believe that you can’t be happy unless you have some one. It can make a person like me feel heavy. I can still celebrate valentines just like everyone else. Let’s not forget BLACK HISTORY MONTH! That special time that black folks celebrate our history, Black excellence and achievement.  So, I have a lot of great fashion and content on horizon. 

Fashion Note

On the fashion side of things, February spills all the tea on fashion styles and trend for spring. The girls know how much I live for a fresh spring look. To add February is as home to Spring/ Summer New York Fashion Week! Starting on Feb 6th through Feb 15th. Are you going? Since I won’t be in attendance this year.. I get my information from the magazines. Most magazines are giving you a inside look on what trends and styles to look forward to this year.


According to February issues of InStyle & Harper’s Bazaar – Spring Preview

  • Neon colors making a comeback
  • Visor sunglasses
  • Pop of purple alongside light ensemble
  • Leather Weather: tailored leather jackets, leather dress (day-to-night), slouchy leather trousers
  • Pastel Colors: dusty rose or icy blue monochrome looks
  • Dark tailored coordinates
  • Fresh white romantic dress full of lace or ruffles

7 colors trend: Flame scarlet, Faded denim, biscay green, coral pink, saffron, chive, abs white. If you want to see how these colors look, check this post here.

What style/ trend are you trying out this spring?

Blog Note

This month on the blog I have a lot of planned content to share with you all!  FashionLayn turned 5 years old a few days ago. I have to come harder than I ever did before. I want to share some a few Valentines look, and black owned business that I have been loving. In addition, my single life series is heading back to blog. Last year, you all really enjoyed my series on my blog. It is only right I bring it back. Hmm, I’m sensing a giveaway coming. To be among the first to know about what’s going on FashionLayn and giveaways, make sure you sign up to my newsletter.

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Personal Note/ Goals

On the personal side of things  I am trying not to sweat the small things.  I focus my attention on perfection & knit picking the small things. The next thing I know I am spiraling down the rabbit hole. Sometimes I am not acting on my goals at all- too caught up. Let’s take my YouTube channel for example. I have been telling you and everyone on social media that I am launching. Where is the channel?

See, if  it is  not perfect then I can’t do. For longest I have been stalling for quite some time. Afraid that won’t be perfect. All the errors, not looking into the camera, or video worthy content- All just messing with my head. Daily reminder, there is no perfection. I have to allow myself to get better over time, just like everything else I do. This month personally, I am going to focus my attention on kicking out perfection, self love, and avoid sweating over the small things.

  1. Launching my YouTube Channel no matter what! Just do it.
  2. Commit to my morning routine I set aside for myself by waking up by 5:00am
  3. Drink 64oz of water everyday
  4. Continue to commit to my celibacy journey

What are some of your February goals?

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Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope February is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.

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