7 Ways To Boost Your Energy

Are you running on empty? Do you feel depleted? I know for myself I have been there before.  Honestly, I was there a few weeks ago. Low energy. I was eating out of boredom and over worked.  Being in on stay at home order has been so tough, it been tough on everybody, I know it.  However, I am so over being constantly tired and drained. I decided to make some easy and natural changes to help me boost my energy. On today’s post I sharing 7 ways that can help you boost your energy, naturally.

Be the energy you want to attract.

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7 Ways To Boost Your Energy

1. Eat Better

First, start by changing up you diet. Eating the right food can give our body the fuel we need to be boosted. Consume more fruits and veggies with you meals or replace a snack with fruit.  Honestly, this one is hardest for me. I love my chips, and croissants. Instead of depriving myself, I keep a food journal to watch what I eat through week. Try to be more aware, of when I am eating out of boredom. Also, I replace my usual snacks with some type of fruit that I have, or I stop buying unhealthy snacks.   I notice that limiting my consumption of process food and sugar has help my energy, significantly.  I don’t feel as sluggish. Overall monitor how certain foods make you feel. Improving energy and overall wellness, starts with the food that we eat. Let me know a way you eat better for energy.

2. Drink Lots of Water

I know you heard this before but I am going to say it again. Hydrating is key! We need water for overall well being. So make sure you are drinking 7-8 glasses of water. If  you have a hard time monitor you consumer, mark lines on your water bottle, or get a water jug that have the lines on them. Now I know the struggle; you have to constantly use the bathroom.  It is annoying however, water helps with fatigue, hydrate your cells, and flush out toxins

3. Go Outside

People we are natural beings, it important that we are going outside. We need nature, we need the sun, and we need fresh air. If I find myself being a bit tired, or drained I go outside and take a walk. A walk around my complex helps my mood. I feel more motivated, and at peace when I take some time for myself outside.

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4. Power Nap

Sometimes all we need is nap to zap us back. So if you find yourself tired or really sleepy, take a 15-20 minute nap. Note: Keep it short, don’t over sleep!  Last weekend, I was running around, going to grocery store, you know running crazy errands. Anyway, when I finish doing all the things I needed to do at home, I was super tired. So I took myself a quick nap to get myself together. Just closing my eyes for a few minutes snapped me right back. So, don’t feel guilty about getting a quick power nap in to get you back into tip top shape.’

5. Take Your Vitamins

We can be lacking the essential energy boosting, like B12, iron and vitamin D, that we need. For myself, I  am always deficient in vitamin d, because I work inside all day, and my skin has a hard time absorbing the sun’s vitamin d. So, it important that I REMEMBER to take my vitamin every day to keep my body and mood balance.  This is struggle for me, because I don’t like the taste. I miss the “Flintstone” vitamins as a child, lol. Anyway, I put a reminder in my phone to remind me to take my vitamins at a certain time each day. Do you take vitamins?

6. Exercise

I mention earlier that I like to take walks to get outside. Well, this is apart of exercising routine.Right now I am focusing on just getting my body moving, after sitting for long periods of time. Those little endorphins really do boost your mood, so is important that we all do some type of physical activities 3 to 5 times of week. Get active good people. Motivate yourself to exercise by setting goals, and making it fun.  I am actively working my way up to do 45 minutes a day of regimen work out routine. Pray for me please. I need all the encouragement.

7. Remove stress

Stress is the thief in the night that steals out joy. Dealing with stress for long periods of time can definitely mess with our mood and energy. So you should identify the things that cause you stress. Eliminate them or do stress reducing activities, like yoga or meditation. For myself, I sit in my peace in a quite corner to meditate or to just be silence. This helps me get some type of balance back. I also noticed that a few people that I follow on IG, have been coloring and journaling to help reduce stress. I say figure out an activity that works best for you. Let the stress melt away, like lemon drops.

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What do you do to help boost your energy ?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of May is an amazing month for you.

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  • This post came at the perfect time because I was just saying how I feel so low on energy lately! These are great tips. I have been walking outside on my work breaks and it really does help. Next on my list is that I’m going to start taking vitamins.

  • Love this so much! I also wrote a similar post and one thing I do is to “play a happy playlist”! I find the right songs can really boost my mood.

    Also on a separate note, I’m surprised you took those photos yourself, they are great! It’s so hard to take flattering photos without a second person to help.

  • Off late, I’m listening to music and watching motivational videos by eminent personalities online. I won’t say it’s not helping me because, trust me my stress hormones are way calmer than they were before.

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