June First…

Half way through the year and 2020 is one those things that just keeps on giving, and not in a good way.  I am currently at lost for words, not knowing exactly how I should start. On today’s post I am reflecting, sharing my personal goals, latest fashion style & trends, and a brief blog note for the month of June.

Usually I would tell you my thoughts on still being under the stay at home order. Well this post I am going to start off a little different. I want to use my platform to bring some awareness to what is going in the Black community.

Let me be honest, my heart is grieving right now. Yet again,  my system is shock right back into the reality of deeply rooted systematic racism in the USA. Again, another unarmed black man, George Floyd, has been taken due to those that are sworn to protect us, the police.  Not only was he taken however Breonna Taylor was unarmed and gunned down by police,  and Ahmaud Arbery’s life was taken by two white men, and so many black men and black women .  Police brutality has been ongoing issue for years, new for some, all too familiar to us.

Now it not the time to be silent, to look the other way, or not be empathetic. It is time we start having these hard conversations with one another, and really make an effort to solve the ingrained problem of racism.

Overall, I am just sad and exhausted however, resilience runs in my blood. I did not want to start the month of June with a heavy heart. However, this is what my community (the black community) is face with this threat everyday.

If you want to help, click here to see a few legitimate organizations to lend your support for the Black community

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Fashion Note

Let’s talk about fashion! Summer does not have be just shorts, white denims, or chambray shirts.  Our classic pieces can still take us through, however we can add a few more pieces. Let’s remix it.

How are we going dress when we have monstrous heatwaves?  Well I say, we can still make a statement with our wardrobe. Who What Wear listed 11 editor approved pieces that can take us from spring to summer. Please see below the fashion report, that list the 2020 essential pieces.

Fashion Report

According to Who What Wear, the summer essentials of 2020:

  • slip satin skirts
  • milk maid tops
  • fresh white dress- loving the tiered dress look
  • tan sandals
  • scrappy sandals
  • basket bags- straw
  • ribbed tank tops
  • floral dress
  • hairbands & scrunchies
  • simplistic swimwear

What style and/or trends are looking forward to trying?

Blog Note

During all the chaos, I have still made time to blog. I would say this year, it has been the hardest time to the blog.  However, my plan is to still bring some great content.  I want show you all how to style yourself with summer essential pieces.

I have been able to reach out to brands, and pitch ideas- that is awesome. Overall, in the month June I want to still focus on fashion, bringing you all summer essential looks & stay true to my brand, and continue to push out helpful content. Let me know in the comments on what you would like to see on my blog.

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Personal Note & Goals

On the personal side of things, May was looking up for me however, reality hits. I have been focus on eating better, and really make sure I find time to get some type of physical exercise. Have I been consistent, no…. but I did better than I ever did before.

I did deal with occasional loneliness, but I found ways to deal with it. Of course I talked to my friends, and find creative outlet. To add, I was able to watch the sunset with a few of blog friends. So I just  knew June was going to be better.

Well I refuse to let the recent tragedies in the community and Covid-19 stop me from being hopeful and having a smile. My plan is to deal with my grief head on. Have the tough conversations, and live my life fully.  I am speaking into the universe, June is going to be a good month. I hope it is the same for you.


  1. Give myself time to pray and meditate in the morning and at night.
  2. Exercise for 20-30 minutes for 3 days out of the week
  3. Commit to healthier morning routine- Like pray, continue to stretch, and waking up on time (stop snoozing)
  4. Commit to buying  from 1-2 black owned business or donate to organization that benefits the Black community, or the underprivileged once a month.

What are your goals this month?


Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: Alayna / @fashionlayn


Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of June is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.



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