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Have you been engaging in all the end of season sales? Affordability is key for me when it comes to shopping. As of lately, I have been rummaging through a lot of sales in search of a good deal. I lost my mind when I came across this $14 dollar ribbed dress from H&M. On today’s post I am going to share with you how I styled this red ribbed dress and some tips on how to shop for clothing on a budget.

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Yes you heard and saw right,  this bold red ribbed dress only cost me $14 bucks. On my weekend off of work, I went to the H&M in Downtown Detroit. I did a bee line to the sale section.  This is perfect to time shop and get the bulk of summer clothing. The stores are starting to make room for their fall merchandise.

Anyway, What a steal!   Short sleeved, knee-length dress in a fine, ribbed knit texture. Also, featuring a round neck line with a button down effect. This dress can be easily worn up or down. I took the casual route.  Looking for a similar dress, click here.

 Ribbed texture is definitely on trend for the upcoming fall season. Keep an eye on long sleeve or tank ribbed textures dress for the fall. These standalone pieces can be easily worn and styled.   

On top of getting a great deal on this dress, I also stumbled across olive utilitarian jacket for $8 buck!  This jacket is great quality featuring front pockets with brown buttons. Click here to see a similar jacket.  I love the color and shape of this jacket.  Also from H&M. I love a good deal on nice quality piece that I know can easily be sustain, used for a long time. You will definitely see me this few time more.

To complete the look I added my a few of my favorite gold accessories. Small gold hoops, with a little layering of gold necklaces. To keep this look on the casual side I added my white FILA sneakers. I have a similar pair right here. The sage croc cross body from Shein adds a chic factor to the look. Shein is place I love to go to in regards to shopping affordable. This outfit is perfect for day time fun to drinks with girls.

What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comment section

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Quick Tips on Shopping For Clothes on a Budget

Shopping is fun to me but I have to be realistic.  I don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes alone. Here are a few tips that help me sustain my budget and shop affordable.  

  1. Have your own piece point set- Set a price point for how much you would spend on something. So for example, I will  spend more $50 
  2. Stick to timeless pieces- Classic wear over trendy. Timeless pieces are more sustainable, and can be worn all the time. A trend does not last long. If you want more bang for your buck, shop for timeless pieces 
  3. Know the Best Time to Shop for clothes – Shop for summer clothes toward the end of the fall, and then shop for winter clothes toward the end of winter months.  
  4. Always look in the sale or clearance section  first before spending full price- easier online
  5. Understand the difference between wants versus need- Be clear on what your buying.  Do not buy things just because it solely a good,  ask yourself  do you really need this item or is it just a want? If you need get it, however if it is a want then it not necessary
  6. Be aware of what you already have in your closest. No one needs 5 yellow top- this will  help scale back on spending unnecessarily. 

Do you shop on a budget? What are some tips you use to help you stick to your clothing budget?

Location: Detroit , MI

What are you general thoughts on shopping affordable? Do you like shopping sales or buying items at full price? 

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of August is an amazing month for you.

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