How To Stop Overthinking and Find Peace.

Are you a victim of overthinking? We all do it. It could be worrying about something, fear, anxiety, or self-doubt. I have mention it so many times before, but I am an overthinker. Every time I think I have it master. It comes back to haunt me. Sheesh, I can make a mole hill and turn it into a mountain. Next thing I know I am in continuous loop of thoughts, that it hard to get out. In the past I have mention my tips before in regards to overthinking as a highly sensitive person. On today’s post I am sharing my tips to help with overthinking and activities that will help with inner peace.

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Overthinking can be a few different actions. First, we are over analyzing something until we are paralyze from making a decision. Second, we can be regretting something that can cause us to over think. Next, worrying about the future or in other words, “what if’s”. Lastly, a continuous loop of thinking of one events. Thus, ultimately causes us to have negative emotions and reactions. How can we stio this?

5 Helpful Tips To Stop Overthinking

  1. Awareness: Biggest thing you can do to stop overthinking is to increase your level of awareness. You have to understand yourself, your trigger points, and how you are reacting to things. I learn that my overthinking stems from anxious feelings, self doubt, and fear. So when I notice that I am doing just that- I change my thought process.
  2. Think of all the things that can go RIGHT, instead of wrong. When we overthink we often times think about all the things that are wrong. Again, change your thought process. Think of all the things that can right.
  3. Distract yourself into happiness. Instead of focusing on the negative, think about all the things that make you happy or wonderful moments in our lives. Those are things that are RIGHT.
  4. Putting things in perspective. Those of us who overthink tend to make the things bigger than what it seems. Putting a time frame on what ever it is can help you.
  5. Take action. Instead of mulling over it, take action on. Now I don’t mean jumping at whatever it is. Take appropriate actions and measurement to help with whatever your overthinking

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Finding The Peace

Calming your mind is certainly a hard thing to do. We all crave the certainty of things. We need to know if everything is going to be okay. Yes , those things are true but overthinking is so exhausting. So how to we find peace of mind out of it? Here are few action I take to help.

  1. Meditating : Using that time of quiet to detach from our thoughts and sitting with those difficult thoughts.
  2. Creative outlet/Blogging: What do you like to do that is creative? Often times being creative or blogging can help me ease all the overthinking I do. When my mind wander freely I can find some inner peace.
  3. Talk less: We have to understand that there is a difference between talking things out versus over analyzing.
  4. Exercise: I prefer to dance my overthinking away. I like to watch and learn a new line dance from YouTube. When we are exercising or moving around it helps us release that pent up feelings of emotions.

What activities you like to do to ease overthinking?

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What activities help you stop overthinking?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of October is an amazing month for you.

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