November First…

Happy November good people! Wow the time has flew so fast. On the contrary, I honestly can say I am looking forward to the holidays these year. It may be a new experience but at this point I have made it this far. I refuse to let anything steal my joy. On today’s post I am reflecting, sharing my personal goals, latest fashion style & trends, and a brief blog note for the month of  November. Lets get into it!

Overall, for the month of November I want to focus on not taking everything so seriously. I need to enjoy my life and embrace the holiday with open arm. Thus, I look forward to living more, enjoying all the good, and not staying in the bad too long. What are you looking forward to this month?

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November flatlay

Fashion Note

To switch gears lets get into fashion! For the month of November, is getting colder and time to focus some of mu attention on affordable outerwear. Shearling, long maxi jackets, and sporty outerwear is on the fall-to winter radar. I really want to find an affordable Shearling Coat. All the things I am super excited to style. On the blog I plan to share some of my favorite some of my favorite outerwear, monochromatic looks, and of course affordable  fashions finds. Stay tuned my fashion hauls will be coming to IGTV on Instagram very soon. Make sure you follow me @FashionLayn !

According to November’s Harper Baazar & InStyle Mag the fashion report for the month is the following

  • Neutral/ Brown Checker Blazers
  • Chunky knits
  • corduroy pants
  • Shearlings
  • Punchy red bags
  • Chelsea boots- chunky sole boots
  • Patterns: Tartan (holiday print), Plaids, Buffalo, and Houndstooth

If you are still not sure about what wear for the fall, check out my pre fall fashion report to give you an idea, click here.

What style and/or trends are you looking forward to trying?

November flatlay

Blog Note

On the blog side of things I have a lot of plan content that focus on the holiday. If you haven’t start, it time to begin getting ideas together on what you are going to get for your special peeps in your life. So stay tuned I will be sharing a few affordable gifts & stocking stuffings on the blog to give you all some ideas. Make sure you follow me on LikeitKnow. it, where I will share more information there.

I can’t forget about my series Black Owned Spotlight. The series I share one of my favorite black business, or a new black business I have came across in transit. Last month, I shared a Black designer, name Brandon Blackwood. The ESR bag has been my favorite bag to carry in this charged time. Wonder who I am going to share to next. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you will know when a new post has hit the blog hot!

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Lastly, Real Talk Column! Definitely going to have talk about some REAL things. Holiday spending is a stressor for me. So this month I am going to bring back a previous favorite. Holiday budgeting!! I can’t wait to get into it.

This is something I am truly excited about. Make sure you are following me on my on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay updated on things that are coming to blog, or other products I am loving.Please let me know in the comment section some content you would like to see on FashionLayn. Remember, To be among the first to know about what’s going on FashionLayn and giveaways, make sure you sign up to my newsletter.

November flat lay

Personal Note/Goals

Lastly, I can’t forget about self in November. I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching. I have a few facets in my life that I want to change. First how I deal with my own stress, and anxiety. To mention, as much as I preach about going to therapy I really did not take in consideration of myself. I am all about self care is doing things on my own.

Thus, it is certain things that I just can’t iron out on my own, so I am going to get some help. I have been talking about if for years now. Finally, I put forth the effort to finding a therapist. I have narrow my search down. I have 3 therapist that I am going to reach out to, TODAY to see if I can set up an appointment to set down and talk.

On the contrary, my career as mortgage underwriter is starting to get a bit better. I am still struggling through the growing pains however, thankful that I did step outside my comforter zone.I will always being proud of myself for stepping out off, and pushing through fear. Let get into my November goals.

  1. Give myself time to pray and meditate in the morning and at night. 
  2. Exercise for 20-30 minutes for 3 days out of the week
  3. Standalone in my new career. Do 1 more mortgage everyday than the day before. Make my way up to underwriting 40 loans a day. 
  4. Commit to buying  from 1-2 black owned business or donate to organization that benefits the Black community, or the underprivileged once a month.
  5. Say no- stand up for myself.
  6. Remember to be kind to myself, Giving myself grace.

What are your goals this month?

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Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of November is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.

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