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So the weekend after last I was in Eastern Market taking a few pictures. I ran across Detroit Hustles Harder Store. I heard a lot about this brand however I never stumble upon the store. I know I know… How can you be a Detroit Native and not know where the Detroit stores are. “I don’t have the answer sway”. All I know is that I finally stumble upon this hidden gem.  I love the feel of the store. It had a industrial/ hipster feel to it. I love how cozy the shop made me feel. I love city like anything !


When I enter into the store is was party going on in their. It wasn’t really a party, it was bunch of ladies that seem to be out of town turnin up. They has a little champagne and they spending some money ! They were going  live on Facebook and Instagram. I was little afraid to go into because I thought it was private party. However, I had my sidekick… mommy… and she enter in the store with out hesitation. LOL My momma is G !

What does




means to me?

As a Detroit Native I have seen how far Detroit has come. Detroit has the hustler spirit ingrain within it. Detroit is not like any other cities. It hardworking city and you have to work hard regardless.  A little history lesson, Detroit was one of those bustling cities like New York and Chicago way back in the day. Reason why it was so wealthy was because of the Automotive industry and etc. However it crash, Detroit riots, and others things left the city as a ghost town. I grew up in that ghost town era. From the dust Detroit flourishing into a beautiful flower before my eyes.  That what Detroit people do, we hustle harder.  When I was younger my mom use to take me all around the city. She wanted me to be proud of were I come from.  That what this clothing lines show…. It shows pride. Now, Detroit still has some high hurdles to climb. We need to fix our inner city neighborhoods, educations system, and fix the “real Detroit people problems”. Don’t get me wrong I love the glow up but we still got some real life problem that need to be address. Everything can not be all perfect. I still love the City !

There are cities that get by on their good looks… Detroit has to work for living.

– Elmore Leonard

DSCN1293So whoever you are from take pride in that. Don’t be ashamed of where you come from. Remember we all have to start to somewhere. I started my journey in the crazy inner city of Detroit. It was not easy growing up here but I thankful for it. This city taught me how to be strong, have pride, and HUSTLE HARDER!

Detroit Hustle Harder Boutique

IG: Aptemal


1353 Divison St. 2E

Detroit, MI

The next time you are in Detroit, takes some time out and check out this clothing line from my city !! I LOVE DETROIT !!!



push forward.



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