SISTERHOOD… It is What we all Need !

Its is that time again. It’s Founder’s Day !!! It that day all the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated  celebrate the day that our beautiful organization was established.   Alpha Kappa Alpha has been servicing for 110 years in counting. My organization was founded on January 15, 1908 by 20 awesome women. We have been going strong ever since then. AKA found a way to uplift woman in time that black woman had no voice, no power! AKA is more than just group or what you heard  or what you seen on instagram.  AKA is always striving to service the people in the community, education, and sisterhood. Also it is Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr birthday!. You should know because you have the day off So it just a great day all around. It also a big day of service. That what AKAs do, we provide SERVICE TO ALL MANKIND! .. ITS A Serious Matter !

I am way pass my college years but this was one of the best things that I could have done.  It is almost 6 years that I have belong. My sorority has taught me so much like  how to have my sisters back and I learn that is not all about me.  THE ONLY CHILD SYNDROME I suffer from.  I Just love being an AKA.

“to my mind we should all be too busy for petty things, too big for smallness, to intelligent not to see what happens, when we stop to them. “

– Founder, Ethel Hedgeman Lyle

when that sun hit you, just right !

on the fashion tip 

How I Style my Pink & Green ?

Well I had a hard time styling this look this year lol. The original look I had I was just not feeling it! WE don’t have time to present mediocre looks.  Pink and green has a great vintage vibe too. If you look up pink and green aesthetic in pinterest… Inspirational !! On the high note! I found most of my items in my closet. I am so serious about shopping my closet first before I go out and buy more stuff! So ladies remember the top rule to being fashionable on a budget is shop your closet ! Check out my Fashion on budget post. (Click Here)

Cardigan: Hunter Green Chenille Hooded Cardigan// Forever21 (Link)

Dress: Pink Blush T-shirt dress// Forever21 (old)

Boots: Black Thigh High Boots// Lane Bryant  (Link) (Similar Buy) (Similar Buy)


Why is Sisterhood so important?

Lets take out being in a sorority….. Because I understand that being in sorority is not for everybody. However Ladies regardless Sisterhood is powerful and we all need it!

I think in general sisterhood is very important to women, especially to black woman. We need that dynamic. We nee Sisterhood so we can tell our secrets to. We need sisterhood for empowerment! We need sisterhood for comfort! We need sisterhood for understanding.  Im so serious! That is the best part of being in sorority for me . As a black women looking on the world we can be so mean to one another. We always throwing shade! Like why…. and we already got to deal with being shadow to men. Let me explain why sisterhood is so important ? Sidenote: Let me be clear I am not speaking down on any other woman I can only speak for what I know, and what I know is being a black woman. 

We need that womanly support. Especially when men act stupid, children acting like that have not sense or new business. It so important. A woman that you call you sister is your ride or die, they are there for you when times are hard or good.

Women are so inspirational. I can speak for black women we are ! We are strong and always striving when all the chips are stack against us. If that is not an inspirational story then I really don’t know what to tell you!

Sisterhood is important because of the push and the grind. Women push each other to be great! Push us out are comfort zone.  Sisterhood is the equivalent to empowerment!

So with all that being said get you some girlfriends that are strong, fearless, and inspirational and be some gang of Wonder Women just wrecking shit up. Girl Power/ Sisterhood is so important. We need it !!

push forward


Happy Founder’s Day to all my Sorors !! 

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