We don’t have time for fear….. Confront it 

SIS we don’t have time for fear…..  It really time to Confront it!!!

Michelle Obama said so gracefully at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017… “ If we let [fear] consume us, then we don’t move. If we allow fear to define one another, then we go down a very dark path. But [fear is] there. It’s an emotion that we all feel, it just can’t consume you.

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I really grasp, just yesterday, how fear really stifles me. I believe that I have a bunch of talent that I have not use because I let fear and doubt plague me. So how do I deal with fear ?

Let me tell yall my story. So yesterday, I faced my fear head on.  I was ask to speak to college girls at my alma mater, Oakland University about spicing up your wardrobe, and fashion on a budget. OMG I was happy and filled with panic at the same time. My first speaking engagement as a blogger. I almost said no because immediately I started to doubt myself. I though I did not have what it takes to speak in front of people. What was I going to say? What am I going to wear? I really hope they like me ….. oh lord the anxiety is settling again, oh no panic attack. CALM DOWN !!! That what is screaming all in my head. LORD THE STRUGGLE. I have a fear of not being liked by people. That people pleaser nature always strike. I’ve been like that since I was little girl. I don’t like rejection. Plus public speaking is super intimidating to me lol. Now I have spoke in front of people in class setting, but who says they are listening.

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I started to say no but something told me deep down to do it. I talked to my sister and she told think of great opportunities that this can lead to. You know more then you give yourself credit for. So I change my tone. I said of course I will do! With all that being said you have to get outside the box, get out of your comfort zone. I challenge myself to do something out the norm. So I put my outfit together, wrote out some tips.  Let the speaking begin ! I made sure while I speaking to make sure my true self radiate with the audience. I wanted to girls to understand that I was there in their shoes, and I know my shit.  With that being said I started talking.  Next thing I know I was getting more and more comfortable talking I have few minors error but I felt very confident correcting myself. GIRL I faced a fear! YES ! …  I ask a few of my peer that came and supported the event how did I do . They told me I did well and that I didn’t seem nervous .  SO HAPPY !

PEEP THE PICTURE ABOVE: EVERYBODY WAS HAPPY. i received a lot of great feedback so I think public speaking is for me.

When you think about fear it really small thing. I know at the  time it seem so big but after you confront it think about its really nothing. Fear is small. So I am going to challenge myself as blogger to do more thing that make me uncomfortable! More speaking engagement!


  • Understand and reflect your fear? So ask yourself what are you really afraid of? Get to know yourself !
  • Accept the fear. Hello My name is Alayna and I am afraid of rejection lol
  • Visualize how your life would be without fear: I would be a kick as girl
  • ACTION !! Take some action but in healthy way. Prepare and don’t do everything all at once.
  • Surround yourself with good friends that can help you deal with your fears.

All I really want say in how to face your fears is to confront them head on no matter what.  Be clear with who you are as a person and value. You do not want to be filled with regret so put yourself out there. Whatever it is you want to do just go for it. So I challenge you to face your fears today !  What is your fear ? How are you going to confront that fear? Let me know in the comments.

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Thank you so much for reading !

believe in yours. push forward.



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