Getting Older!… My mind say yes.. But my body say nooo!

Aye it my birthday!! So freakin awesome !! I am officially 28 years old today.  I am so thankful to be allowed to see another year. Another year to do what I love, to be with my family and friends.  Team Aquarius ! Over the past year I learn a lot about myself. Learn how to cope with my anxiety, learning that its not all about me. I make it a point to get better each year with age. So this is Chapter 28, the pre 30 crisis. Lol  the year of when you start lying about your age. Maybe your under pressure with getting you life together. Or when you body start breaking down. I know its you! The one that getting sleepy in the club before midnight. LOL  Embracing the struggle. I going face getting older head on ! 

You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream !! – C.S Lewis

So on todays blog post I thought I could introduce myself. I feel like my reader to should know I bit more about me.  SO why not give you 28 Random things about me !! I’m letting yall in



28 Random Things About Me

  1. I am the only child.

  2. Born in raised in Detroit. I absolutely love how the city is coming along. Even tho gentrification is in full affect  

  3. I am the biggest cry baby know to man. I cry when I am happy, sad, and mad. I really can’t help
  4. I am a super goofy girl. I always being silly. I love to laugh and make people laugh.
  5. My name was supposed to be DeAnna but mom though people was going to pronounce it wrong. So she change my name to Alayna. Little do she know Alayna mispronounce then ever. Lol thank mommy  ( A-LAY-NA) 🙂
  6. My favorite quote of all time: Coco Chanel: “Beauty Begins the Moment you Decide to be yourself”. This quote is something I wish I saw when I was younger. Absolutely needed this quote to confirm to my younger self that it is okay to be yourself. I struggle with for a long time.

  7. I have five tattoos and I want to get more.

  8. I obessed with black men that have huge beards. LOL OMG they are so sexy.

  9. My favorite food is french fries. FRIES OVER GUYS

  10. If I could live anywhere I would pick Atlanta, Georgia.  You thought I was going to say somewhere out of the country.
  11. The only books are read are biographies, African American culture studies , and self care books.
  12. Psalms 23 is my favorite bible chapter because I find comfort everytime I read it


  13. Hayet Rida, Rochelle of Beauticurve, Kelly Augustine, and Essie Golden are my favorite fashion bloggers.

  14. I started blogging because I had a low self esteem for years. I was looking for myself. I found myself and voice through my blog

  15. R&B and Soul music does something to my soul. I can listen to R&B/ soul all day every day.

  16. J. Cole is my husband. lol my husband in my head.

  17. I try to shot my shoot in this guy DMs. I had crush oh in when  I was in middle school. I still waiting on his response lol. Im holding on lol

  18. I threw the first pitch at Detroit Tigers Baseball Game when I was 16  years old. My name was on Jumbotron.

  19. I wish I grew up in the hip hop 90s age. Instead I was born in the 90s but that is cool too!! 🙂

  20. My name is Alayna and I am addicted to Fruit Snacks !
  21. If I could be any animal I would love to be a zebra. Zebras are so unique, and they stand out. Just like me !
  22. I think cantaloupe and honey dew is nastiest fruit ever.
  23. I admire Michelle Obama. When they go low we go high !

  24. I am afraid of large bodies of water.
  25. Number 3 is my favorite number
  26. When I 5 years old  I wanted to be police officer and a doctor at the same time. Ambitious I know !
  27. Then when I was like 13 I wanted to be a fashion designer. And this is still something I want to do as a fashion blogger. If I ever get the chance I want to have my own fashion line 🙂

  28. Year 28 is going to best yet to come.  I know something awesome and big is going to happen for me. Opportunities



As fashion blogger I love to play with vibrant colors. So this time I played with primary colors.  Red, Blues and Yellows.  Those are consider primary colors according to color wheel. Yeah yeah I have to bring my art education to the for front lol.

I really want to highlight the sweater. I got 1x on the sweater however I need a 2x because my chest took up most of the shirt. So peep the stomach… it was showing. So I will tell everyone if you like the sweater get it one size bigger.

I got the sweater… Come on you should already know the deal:  forever 21

Sweater: Plus Size Fuzzy Ribbed Knit Sweater// Forever21 (LINK)

Shoes: Esprit Halona Lace Up Combat Booties (LINK)

Bag: Faux Croc Box (Similar)


So hopeful you all was able to understand me the girl behind the blog . Laugh a little and hopeful you were all able to feel my energy on my birthday.

Thank you all for reading. Please like and share this blog post. Also follow me on my social media accounts. I am the same girl .

**Photo Credit- Richelle Marie Photography IG: @richellemariephoto

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