The Truth Will Set You Free

Living your truth

What does the phrase living your truth mean ? Are you who you say your are.? Are you you being your authentic self.

Question is who are you before the world told you who to be ?

Living your truth is being your most authentic self in my opinion… that what it means to me. I think it is important to live your truth because who really wants to spend there lives trapped by living up to expectations and definitions. I know we have done it at  some part of our life.  We have lied about who we are and over it time it gets really really easy. Until you wake one day and feel really incomplete ! Or we always seeking validation from others. I say it time to strip down and bare it all.  However it hard and scary !

The Struggle:

As a nation I think we have push the envelop to far. We so desperately want to liked… no way do want to stand out due to fear. Fear that we have seen from our peer that show the world their true selves.  It not always peaches & cream. If our world can judge people just based of color alone then what else can we use to judge one another.

Yes it is struggle being your true authentic self. I know for it really hard because I built up this life because I wanted to be liked and respected by other. Over the years I learn that not everyone is going to like you. So never seek validation for other people.  Stop taking everything so personal .You have to learn to love yourself unconditionally. Be yourself ! No let me tell you I do not have it all together. I struggle with this everyday ! I am me that all I can be at the end

So I ask who where you before the world told you who to be ? Do you feel complete? Do you seek validation ?


So keys to living your truth is:

1: Accept yourself! You can only change this by accepting all the good and the bad things that make up you.

2: Take it day by day.

3: Sit back and define you truth ! Have some alone time and get in tune with yourself.

4: Once you understand your truth then you live your life free, proud, and out loud !

So remember the long you continue to pretend to be someone else or hide behind the lives we build you will never know if you reach your full potential. Oprah said this ! SO let all of your lies, definitions, and expectations slide right off of you and be free

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How you know your living your truth ?

1: You don’t feel the need to seek validation!

2: You feel complete !

3: You know your worth!

4: You do not need to depend on other to make you feel goo !

So this is what I going to work on over the year is being more comfortable with myself. Let it all show and not be afraid to let other see it ! I really hope this helps everyone !


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