Single Life Series: 6 Things You Need To Know, If You Don’t Like Being Single

How did we get here? How did being single person turn inside outside.  I am trying to figure it out. Our society put so much emphasis on being in relationship, and finding that special person. It know it has a single person, like myself, dreading it. Some days I day dream being a happy, healthy relationship with a man. Then I come back to reality and I wonder what is going on, why is it taking me so long to find that person. Am I unlovable?

Single Life = Negative opinions and thoughts on the single life. How can we change the narrative of being single?  So I started searching and results I found on being single was compelling. Here are six ways that can turn your unhappy thoughts on being single to hopeful, and positive thoughts.

  1. Your circumstances will change. I have been single since my senior year of high school. That mean I have been single for 11 years. Real facts! So understand this, it is going to happen for us. We are going to meet that special someone. You need to remain positive and get out of your own head and way and let the universe work.
  2. Your worthy so keep your standards high. Please people keep your standards high when your single, or whenever. Now I am not saying to keep them so high no one can reach them. One thing that I learn as a single person is that you can not let your loneliness cloud your judgement. So many people date and settle for the wrong people because they are lonely. I’ve done it. So you have to ask yourself why do you hate being alone? Once you figure that out your mindset should start to shift. You will start saying to yourself they are stupid if they don’t want to be around me. Don’t chase anyone. Remember you are the sh*t and anyone that wants to be around you will. So DO NOT settle for anything just because you are afraid of being alone.
  3. Time to get to know & work on yourself. While your single you are given time to get to know yourself. I built a blog, and have tons of things with my life. So now I do not have time to cry over spilled milk. I have respect, love, and value for myself while being single. I ultimatly think this time that GOD has given to me to get loser with myself and make me right for the special someone that he is taking time to make for me. If you are single this is not a time to draw away from yourself, it is time to get closer and self discovery.
  4. Understand that patiences is key. Remember I told you, I have been single for 11 years. Small bumps on the road but hey, I don’t claim them because they only last for 2 months or less. Getting to that right person take a while, but understand that Beyonce was not successful star over night. She worked for year and took time to perfect her craft. So that special person, it make themselves right just for you… they don’t know that. Be patient… that special person will come soon.
  5. Love yourself the way you want your partner to treat you. Self love people! How do you expect someone to love you if you can’t love yourself. Treat yourself kind and with respect first. Be that model so your partner will know. Self love is key, I can’t stress that enough.
  6. Enjoy your own company. Learn to enjoy being around yourself. This was something I really had to work on getting comfortable. For a long time I hate being by myself.

Single Tip…
STOP thinking YOU are unlovable and you’ll never will be married. Here’s the TRUTH about YOU! YOU are SO amazing it took extra time to create your mate. Relax! Trust God’s timing! He hasn’t forgotten you. He just wasn’t ready to share you yet !

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So, how are you feeling about being single? 

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