Chapter 7: July Plan and Goals

Geesh, the time has flew by. Can you believe it, we are already in July? Crazy right! Anyway it is blazing hot outside. Summertime in Michigan its really hot. It goes from 0 to 100 in no time. Blazing, OKAY! I got a lot of pots on the stove this month and I hope to accomplish everything that is on my plate this July. Last month, was a workout and somethings did not goes as plan but I am still grateful for it all. I am here and this is going to be a great summer. I’m putting down my first deposit for this extravaganza trip I am planning. So I am happy, happy!  On today’s blog post I will reflect and share my personal goals,  what’s coming to, and a brief fashion report.

Fashion Note

As I mention before it is super hot in Detroit. My fashion focus for the month is anything that will keep me cool, Okay! I am preparing myself for vacation in August so I am trying to find anything that is inexpensive, cute, and cool!

FASHION REPORT: According to July’s issue Instyle Magazine,  “Easy Breezy” flowy pieces are an instant style. It is summertime and it’s hot, you want to feel comfortable and weightless in your threads. So aim for light as a feather mini baby doll dress.  Easy slides can pair up well with that dress. A white or simple pattern please top is another nice touch. Lastly a high slit flowy skirt is a fun flirty piece to the summer.

For myself, I thinking about change up my style little bit. Just a bit lol. I want to incorporate more breezy fits to my wardrobe. I know just the place to start with, Shein and Forever 21!

Blog Note

I have a lot of pots on the stove at this very moment. For the past couple of months I have been working on make a few changes on to my platform. All of it is trying to establish a great blog with amazing for y’all.  Elevation has been key for this summer. So stay tuned, all this that I am saying will make sense when you see it.  Keep an eye out for a giveaway! The plan for this month is to bring amazing real life content to the blog. I also want to mention that I have a beneficial product review coming to blog. On another note, I have more than 3 brands to pitch. I am feeling the heat, however I am going to go out there and do it. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with everything that is coming to


Personal Note/ Goals

So last month, I failed at the Soul Reset Challenge. The plan was just to do! It really seem easy.  However, it was really hard not looking at my phone first thing in the morning.  I didn’t schedule enough time to just meditate. My intention were there but I did not follow through. I learned that I have to schedule everything in my planner. I have to commit and make the time for self. My wellness is very important to me, but I have to be honest putting yourself first from everything else is hard. You would think it would be easy for single person like me, well it is not. I have pencil all these small 10 minute time for self in my planner and meditation times. I think I am ready to try this challenge again. Here are my personal goals for this month:

  1. Complete each task in the Soul Reset Challenge.
  2. Drink 64 oz of water every day
  3. Pitch 2 to 3 brands each month
  4. Take 10-20 minutes just for myself only. No blog, No social media, just me !
  5. Finishing up my secret project. Will share in July!

“Trust the vibes, energy doesn’t lie.”

What are you looking forward to this month?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk sis!!

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push forward.




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