How To Set Personal Boundaries as Highly Sensitive Person

Do you know what setting boundaries are? Honestly, boundaries was something I became very familiar with in my mid twenties. It was quiet foreign to me before than until I had to learn how important it is to me to protect my energy.  It was right around the time I become more aware of my anxiety triggers, and learning of being empath & highly sensitive person.  I was also afraid to tell people how feel, or speak up for myself and agree with things to avoid disagree. All signs I was lacking setting personal boundaries.

To add, working on my blog, taking pictures, obligations, invitations, and expectations. I was stretched out paper thin. After a long day of working, mood changes, doing for others and making sure and such; I was so drained. As an empath and a highly sensitive person, it is very important to me to guard my energy.  To protect my energy I learned that setting boundaries is very important for my mental health. On today’s post I will share 10 ways on how to set boundaries for empaths and for the highly sensitive.

Boundaries are your responsibility. You decide what is and isn’t allowed in your life.

SO Boundaries! Setting boundaries is the act of setting and enforcing boundaries for your own well being. Boundaries help us all prioritize ourselves. It stops us from over committing or signing up for things we can’t or don’t want to do.  Since we are approaching the holiday season, the most demanding time of the year, their are tons of events, obligations, and expectations. We can’t do everything, and trying to do everything can cause us all to be exhausted. To add, we need boundaries in our relationships as well. We need to be clear with our partners, family members, and friends.  To protect our own mental health it is okay to say no. Overall setting boundaries reflects a tone of self-esteem and help cultivate a mutually respectful relationships with others.

How to Set Personal Boundaries?

  • Know your limits: Before you can set any boundaries, you need to know and understand your limits. What you can and cannot tolerate. What stresses you out? You need to have that level of awareness for yourself.
  • Start by saying “NO”: It is okay to say no.  Again. It is okay to say not. If there is something that you don’t want to do or can’t do it -say no. You are allow to say no.
  • Start off small: Saying no is not the most comfortable thing to do, especially when you don’t want to let people down. Before you go trigger happy and unleash your no rage, start off small to build up your confidence.
  • Let go of what others think: Don’t worry about what others think, especially if you miss out on an event.
  • Eliminate negativity in your life: Okay it is perfectly fine to limit your interaction with certain people or things that create negativity.
  • Schedule down time: I need along time to recharge just like humans need air. This  My social clock runs out fast so it very important that take time to recharge. Empaths and highly sensitive folks need that time for self, and nice charge
  • Be clear: To set boundaries with people you have to be clear on your stance
  • Some approaches might require you to be direct!
  • De-clutter your space: De-cluttering your space can help protect your boundaries and help an empath & the highly sensitive person set themselves up for success.
  • Make your self care a priority!

How do you set boundaries with others? Do you say no? 

To protect my time and energy, It Okay to _____________?

Let chat it up sis in the comment section. Let me know what is okay for you to do in order to protect your time and energy.

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