How to Spend Your Time Alone?

I spend a lot of time of alone. I am a natural loner; my daddy, uncles, and grandpa are all loner. I got it honest. On top of it all,  I am a only child so there you have it I spend a lot of time with myself. I am also an ambivert, I like being around people however there are times I need to be left alone.

Sometime last year, I was super lonely. I addressed some of the side affects of being a loner, here. Honestly, I was not spending my time alone like I should. I rely on people, and not using that time for self discovery. I had to be mix and I had to be around somebody, even if they were not right for me. Now, I can say that am truly getting use to my own company. On today’s post I am sharing a few ways on how you spend your alone. To add there are a lot of benefits to using your alone time, this is something I am going to share as well. If you want to learn the benefit, please continue on reading this post.

Alone by herself she built the kingdom that she wanted.

-R.H. Sin

Over the course of time of being really lonely, and rely on other people to treat me to good time; I learn to be happy with myself. I have somebody and that person is me. I got me. Soon after I starting slowly digging myself out of the mat loner hole I created for myself. I got back to my root when I start taking photography more seriously. I took planned time off from work and literally did things that I need led to do , or wanted to do. Creating a flat lays design or doing laundry, I used that time alone to be productive. So you see, being alone is not bad. Being alone and lonely is two different things. You have to be able to recognize it. This is that time for self discovery, and a little more self love.

Here is a list of things, other than a nap, you can do during your alone time.

  1. Take a long walk
  2. Go to a nearby neighbor and explore.
  3. Take yourself out on a date – Treat yourself!
  4. Get a massage or Have a spa day!
  5. Clean house: Do Laundry! Reorganize your closet,
  6. Declutter your inbox
  7. Go to the Gym or take a class
  8. Get creative: Work on DIY project
  9. Manifest your dreams. Take some time to work on that business plan
  10. Apply a face mask and relax
  11. You were going to learn more about……
  12. Write in your journal or list a few things that you are thankful for.
  13. Read a book
  14. Go to your local coffee shop
  15. Volunteer your time- Be of service to someone else
  16. Work on you makeup routine
  17. Create a flat lay. My favorite things to do when I am alone!
  18. Listen to something motivating, like a Ted Talk
  19. Nothing wrong with a nap…. catch up on some needed rest
  20. Create a vision board

There are tons of effective things you can do when you are alone

Benefits of Spending Time Alone

  1. Self Reliance: When we spend time alone with ourselves it boost our self confidence and personal moral. We get comfortable and start to rely on our own company, not the company of someone else to have a good time.
  2. Recharge your battery: Constantly being around people can become a bit a draining. Being alone can recharge our social battery.
  3. Increase productivity: I notice that I am way more productive when I am alone. Less distractions make for better planning, and getting work done around the house.
  4. Increase freedom: There is no one or nothing to hold you back, we can do what please without judgement.

Do you know of anymore benefits to spending your time alone? Let me know in the comment section.

Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer : Alayna – Me, Myself and I

Share your tips on how you spend your time alone! What do you when you have alone time?

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