Why I Am Over Setting Resolutions in 2020

How has 2020 and the month of January treating you? I know for myself, so far I doing everything I supposed to do. I have been trying to get into a rhythm. I’m not going to lie it been hard.

I set a resolution every year. My resolutions range from fitness, eating healthier, and self care. However, like most resolution I set, they become too hard to achieve. It maybe unrealistic or super vague. No action plan oh how I am going to tackle this kind of change. The next thing I know I become unmotivated within the 2 week or month mark and abandon them.

I am over setting a resolutions for the new years.  You can say I am “anti- resolutions” this time around. Instead I am setting intentions. Setting an intention is different approach to goal setting. Goals represent a future plan. (Nothing wrong with goal setting). To amp up our goals, setting a intention everyday give purpose, I intend to …. To add, they work alongside our lifestyle.

An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.

-John Maxwell

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My Intentions

I intend to be happy. It is very easy for me to allow others to upset me. No one has the power over my emotions. Instead I choose to be happy. I am giving up anything and everything that no longer servicing me. My happiness is based on my own accomplishment. To add, being grateful for all that has been given. Everything I need is within in me.

I intend to put less pressure on myself in terms of my blog, Instagram, and social media. I hate getting caught up in numbers or compare my talents to others. I possess the qualities, skills, and talent to be successful. I want to continue to share content that sparks genuine joy.

I intend to put my phone down. I need to be present and focus on the moment. It will be best for me to use my time for reading, writing, and other things that are productive. I value my time and myself so much more.

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I intend to give my best in everything I do! I can and will put my 100% in everything I put my mind too. I have a vision for what I wavy to do in life. I possess the skills to be success.

I intend to live a healthier life- mentally& physically. To be at 100% I have to make sure I am fueling my body the right. I know more about myself and how my body works. I want to choose healthier options, walk, and workout more to be happier and fit.

Here you have it my intentions. These are all the things I work on everyday. My intentions set the tone and give my day purpose.


Location: Downtown Detroit, MI

Photographer: My Mommy 🙂

Are you going to set intentions? If so what are your intentions today, or this month? 

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope January is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.

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