Art of Layering- 3 Layered Looks for the Winter

Lets talk about layering okay. In the winter months it is not the most easiest thing to do, be stylish and warm. You get kind of trapped into the vicious cycle of wearing the same coat over and over. Cloudy and dark hues. It just not fun! So lets spice things up. On today’s post I am sharing 3 looks I curated to make winter wardrobe stylish and fun. Take a look below as I share a few tips on layering and staying warm.

Look 1

This look is for when I am taking a walk out on the town. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend and walk Downtown. It is much more colder when I get Downtown because Detroit right off the water. So, layering is super important in the city, it gets really cold.So I need something comfortable and super warm. I reach for comfortable booties, leggings and sweater. On this look I am featuring a tan drop shoulder jacket from Shein. When it comes to layering I like to wear a thin jacket under my heavier coats. This jacket can easily go under a heavier coat to complete ensemble. In this look I am also wearing my fuzzy bucket hat to keep my head warm ! Fuzzy hats are certainly trending right now !

FashionLayn Outfit Deets: Split Hem Pants | Jacket | Sweater | Bucket Hat | Purse

Look 2

I love wearing denim. On this look I either wearing this for running errands or hanging with friends. On this look I am wearing my favorite denim shacket, in other words denim shirt jacket. It got this jacket from H&M. When it comes to layering I love to wear a thin jackets underneath a heavier coat. To complete this look I added my army green teddy coat. To complete the look added my second skin/ jersey turtleneck top from H&M to keep with the color scheme. In addition, to keep this comfortable I added my sneakers with some thick socks. 🙂

FashionLayn Outfit Deets: Teddy Coat | Denim Shacket | Jersery Turtleneck Top (Similar)

Look 3

This looks is for time we were all able to hang out and have fun LOL. It bit more on the dressier side of things. This look I added my faux leather belted jacket to the look. This piece is so warm. This faux leather is perfect piece to go under my beige teddy coat. To complete the look I added my faux leather beret!

FashionLayn Outfit Deets: Teddy Coat | Beret | Jersey Turtleneck Top |Faux Leather Jacket (Similar)

In conclusion, when it comes to layering this outfit is easy to style up or down. It is also easy to add and take pieces away. That is the Art of Layering

Location: At Home Detroit, MI

Which look is your favorite look?

How do you layer yourself for the winter months?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of January is an amazing month for you.

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