First of January

Welcome 2021! Yes it feels really good to be in a New Year. Taking it one day at a time. I am so happy to return to blogging. To be honest, I was extremely exhausted from just trying to survive last year, that I decided to put my pencil down. The goal for me to seek clarity and rest. Thus, I got it and I’m back!

2020 was definitely a tough year to get through. Instead of dwelling on what is going on, I am walking into this New Year full of gratitude. I am looking forward to January being an awesome month! On today’s post I am reflecting, sharing my personal goals, latest fashion style & trends, and a brief blog note for the month of January. Lets get into it!

Fashion Note

Fashion in 2021 is going to look the same as last year, at least for me. As I continue my work from home journey my attention on clothes is focus on comfort. My goal is improve how I wear my sweats and loungewear.

Things on the fashion tip you want to keep a eye out on matching sets, such as colorful prints, sporty activewear, mini skirt suits, and “Canadian Tuxedo”. In other works denim on denim look. The matching sets or coordinate are perfect to wear. Easy to style ! And easy when on the go. The goal this month is show you some of my favorite outwear for the winter months, and pieces I acquire over last year, and finding the perfect matching sets while working from home.

What are looking forward to wearing this year? More loungewear, matching sets, or sweats?

Please make sure to follow me on Instgram @FashionLayn to get an inside look of all the items I purchase from my favorite stores. My fashion and try-on hauls show all each items looks and fits. You don’t want to miss the videos!

Blog Note

On the blog side of things I have a lot of plan content for the month of January . This month is a special month for me because of my birthday and blog anniversary. The plan is share things that I learned as my birthday and 6 year blog anniversary appraoches.

I can’t forget about my series Black Owned Spotlight. The series I share one of my favorite black business, or a new black business I have came across in transit. Over the last few months I have came across a few amazing more Black own brands that I can’t wait to share

A few months back, I shared a Black designer, name Brandon Blackwood. The ESR bag has been my favorite bag to carry in this charged time. Wonder who I am going to share to next. I also want to share all the items I purchase on Black Friday. Again, I patronize a lot of black owned, women owned, and small business this year. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you will know when a new post has hit the blog hot!

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Lastly, Real Talk Column! Definitely going to have talk about some REAL things. For example coping with the winter blues during a pandemic. That is something I want to discuss more in depth about !

Overall, I am truly excited about this month. Make sure you are following me on my on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay updated on things that are coming to blog, or other products I am loving. Please let me know in the comment section some content you would like to see on FashionLayn. Remember, To be among the first to know about what’s going on FashionLayn and giveaways, make sure you sign up to my newsletter.

Personal Note/ Goals

In 2021 and the month of January the goal is to be more intentional and focus on my wellness. I was going through a tough time letting some things go last month, so I step away from my blog. After getting the clarity that I needed from therapy, I was able to come out of bad place.

My goal this month is to slowly eliminate diary from my diet. In addition, I want to start eating more but smaller portion throughout the day. I believe this will help me stop snacking on the wrong foods. I will all of this by keeping an account of all the foods I have eaten through the day. What are your goals for the month of January?

  1. Give myself time to pray and meditate in the morning and at night. 
  2. Exercise for 20-30 minutes for 3 days out of the week
  3. Standalone in my new career. Do 1 more mortgage everyday than the day before. Make my way up to underwriting 40 loans a day. 
  4. Commit to buying  from 1-2 black owned business or donate to organization that benefits the Black community, or the underprivileged once a month.
  5. Say no- stand up for myself.
  6. Remember to be kind to myself, Giving myself grace.

Location: Detroit MI


Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of January is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.

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