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Denim Denim Demin. Everyone knows that denim jeans are my favorite staple piece all year round. Bay Bay these patchwork flare denim jeans from AKIRA. I STAND UP TALL !! These jeans are so fire. The jeans that I am featuring today are from AKIRA, an uber-trendy and statement piece store.

In today’s post I am reviewing my first pair of denim jeans and my experience at AKIRA.

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Story Time

Now it been a long time since I wore size 17 in plus junior. Long story my diet change, were I stop consuming dairy and I starting to return to my high school weight. I am currently weight in at 187 and I am loving this body even more. I love my body at 200 but I feel even more comfortable with my body at 187. This is the first time in years I been under 200 pounds.

FashionLayn Outfit Deets

So about the denim jeans. The patchwork flare denim jeans are featuring deep blue to a light wash denim patchwork with a flare bottom. Super cute, giving me either 90s or early 2000s vibes. Again I am wearing size 17. The sizes range from 3 to size 19.

In addition, the quality over the jeans are great. The material is dense jean material. It is not thin and seam works looks good. No loose strands !

These jeans are avaliable online or at select Akira store. The jeans cost $52.99 online. In additon avaliable in plus size.

The denim jeans are made out of cotton and 1% spandex in them. The jeans are gibing minimal to no stretch. Honestly, I did have to wiggle a little bit to get my hips past the waist line. Waist line does fit more to hourglass shape which can be negative. Remember clothing brands not everyone has hourglass shape, and if we are going to inclusive we have to start by making clothes for all shapes, apple shape , pear shape , and more!

Overall, the jeans fit great for me, nice price point, and I love the quality of the demin.

The FashionLayn Style

Next, these patchwork flare denim are uber-trendy. I know this and something you can’t get away with wearing trends all the time. However, I definitely felt like the denim jeans wear are giving early 2000s vibes. So I have the channel that energy.

As I preteen in the early 2000s, I decided to recreate one of my a favorite denim looks. I use to love wearing bandanas that match my outfit. I hand one in every color.

So I pair my jeans from AKIRA with a crop top form H&M. White bandana for a cool effect, oval sunglasses, and big gold hoop earrings. I am giving 2000s 2.0 lol

The patchwork denim definitely on trend right now. You can pair with patchwork denim jacket. In addition, oversized patchwork jeans in cream, or brown color with a crop top.

For person like me who loves their classic clothes but have to scratch that trend itch from time to time, the patchwork denims jeans are for you. I think you can also pair it with a neutral color patchwork shirt, or plain shirt. Heel or no heel. You can do a lot with these denim jeans. Just reminder to let the jeans be the only piece that stands out.

AKIRA Experience

AKIRA is definitely giving boutique vibes on a larger scale. The store started of Wicker Park area of Chicago and now have 33 stores. There is store at Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi MI.

My overall experience at the AKIRA was great. If you love trends or unique pieces like I do, AKIRA is the store for you. I will definitely go back. To learn more AKIRA, click here.

Please note to read this brands or any brands return policy before making any purchase.

Overall I love the patchwork denim jeans, I had a great experience shopping at AKIRA. I do plan to go back in the near future for more jeans!

What do you think of these jeans?

Eastern Market, Detroit MI

What are your thoughts on the patchwork denim trend? Have you heard or shop at AKIRA?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of June is an amazing month for you.

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