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Dear Diary… I Struggle With Self Advocacy for Myself

Dear Diary…

I want to welcome you all my diary. Where I will share all of my personal thoughts and things that I struggle.

Self Advocacy is personal skillset that I struggle with all of my life. I can only remember a handful of times that I actually stood up for myself. Most of the time I avoid confrontation and anything causing me to feel uncomfortable.

Anyway I was reintroduce to the topic of self advocacy in therapy. For the past few months my mental wellness journey has uncover a lot of things. One being that I rarely ever stand up for myself… In other words, why do I struggle with self advocacy/ standing up for myself

In today’s diary post, I am going to share my thoughts of self advocacy and why at times it was hard for me.

Self advocacy is the act of standing up for oneself, or views or interest. I like to think of it as standing up for your wants and needs.

LifeTime Struggle With Self Advocacy

As far as I can remember standing up for myself was always a hard thing for me to do. I am people pleaser so I always wanted people to like me. I rarely told people how they made me feel because I care more about there feelings then my own. In addition, I hate confrontation. The act and skills I need to really help me stand up for myself.

Also, I really have hard time standing up to the people that I love and admire. For me it is quit unsettling to tell someone how I feel. I can remember being attack when I told someone how they made me feel. Since, that did not go over so good I stop addressing my feeling with folks. I have taken other feelings into account before my own. Long story short that has bit me in the past.

What Does Self Advocacy Look Like To Me

In my opinion self advocacy look like to me standing up for your wants and needs in relationship. Or standing up for your mental wellness. Saying no and setting boundaries. Lastly advocating for your health, or standing up for you sexuality.

In conclusion, going forward I want to get more comfortable standing up for myself. Self advocate when I need something. Even when it is uncomfortable to talk to someone I care about. They also need to know when they hurt me. I will not allow anyone else in my life to walk over my feelings. This is something I need.


Lastly, In my personal journal I leave off with affirmation. The affirmation I love to use for self advocacy is the following:

“I Am Worthy”
“It is okay to stand up for yourself”

“I will be my own best advocate”

Check out my tips to help improve your self advocacy skills


Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of July is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.


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