Money Talk: 7 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

Money Talk: 7 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

Living a stress free life is really important to me. I love to maintain a certain level of  balance in life. However, my life can get a bit off balance due to finances. One of the main reasons why I am so stressed at times, is of money.  It seems like I don’t have any wiggle room to save. I have gotten into the cycle where I am living paycheck to paycheck. It start off that way but living is hard. Rent cost and other expenses goes up every year.  How can I save anything?  It hard trying to stay afloat with a fixed income.

Speaking of staying afloat, my job just rolled out more overtime. Hooray! I am currently working 50 hours a week. Now they added on extra 10 hours. Did I forget to mention that I have been working overtime for 2 months straight. Money Money Money!  I wouldn’t be me if I was not complaining about it. A sis is super burnt out. I was ranting about it on Instagram a day ago. Anyway, a few of my friends and followers help me see the light. I have to trick myself into saving. They gave me some great advice about saving my money that I get from overtime.

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So in today’s post I thought it would beneficial to talk about 7 ways to trick ourselves into saving money. This month is all about women and our well being. Living a stress free life and having financial freedom is super important me. Let start by taking care ourselves by managing our finances a bit better. So it time to get discipline ladies- self control. No more complaining about…We are on our way to financial security.

Don’t let money run your life, let money help run your life better

Pack A Lunch

I spend a lot of money eating out, because I don’t like to cook. I looked at my bank statement and I noticed that I spend a lot of money on food. Nothing make me happier than a nice meal at a restaurant. I need self control. So, In order to save some of my money I will start packing my lunch. Bringing a lunch from home will help me retain my coins. Also it will force me to monitor what I am eating.

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Save Lose Change

Save your change people! I know for a fact that coins add up quickly. Get a coin jar or piggy bank and just put the coins to the side after you break a dollar.

Automatic Savings

I went to credit union and started up a another savings account. I was having such a hard time saving my money. I needed extra help because I had no willpower. So, I set up another account apart from my primary bank. I decided to have $20 bucks automatically deposit in this account each pay period. So yes I pay myself $40 buck each month. Out of sight out of mind method is the real reason why this work for me. I don’t see, so I don’t think about it. Easy savings. Sidenote: I also made sure that this bank was out of way so I would not feel compel to take money out of the account.

Bank Your Bonus

Extra time and money is always an upside to the job. Overtime is extra money in my pocket. When I get extra money I like to still remind myself that I am still broke. Instead of blowing through the extra money I put it away if I can. Since my willpower is low I put a small percentage of it to the side. That overtime is not going to last forever! So bank it when you get it.

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Put Away Those Dollaz- Dollar Bill Challenge

Really simple- save those $1 bills from your wallet after running errands.

Make Money While Shopping

Shopping is my favorite thing to do. So I blew a gasket when someone told I can get paid for shopping online through Ebates. EBates is a cash back  and shopping award company. Basically stores pay Ebates a commission for sending us your way,  and Ebates share the commission with us through a cash back.

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Round Up Programs- Acorns Or Bank of America

Lastly some apps and bank are able to round up your transactions to the nearest dollar. I use Acorns App! Basically you will pair your bank or card with the app. Very simple So let say you bought something for $9.56 from Target! The app would round your cost to $10 and will save the $0.44. You have the option to save your change in your savings account or whatever bank you have linked to it. That change really adds up face. I’ve been using it for a month now and I save $30 bucks already. Also you have the ability to turn it off if you face hard times. Sidenote: I have had Acorns for awhile but I had to turn it off because of hard times

I have tried all of these tips, sis! The most helpful for me has been the automatic savings and round up program. In conclusion, anything that involves out of sight and out of mind works for me.

Hopefully you find this read to be helpful. I hope this set yourself off on the quest of financial freedom, and a stress free life.

How do you plan to get better with savings? Are you going to try one of these tips?

Share with me in the comment section.

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Single Life Series: 6 Things You Need To Know, If You Don’t Like Being Single

Single Life Series: 6 Things You Need To Know, If You Don’t Like Being Single

How did we get here? How did being single person turn inside outside.  I am trying to figure it out. Our society put so much emphasis on being in relationship, and finding that special person. It know it has a single person, like myself, dreading it. Some days I day dream being a happy, healthy relationship with a man. Then I come back to reality and I wonder what is going on, why is it taking me so long to find that person. Am I unlovable?

Single Life = Negative opinions and thoughts on the single life. How can we change the narrative of being single?  So I started searching and results I found on being single was compelling. Here are six ways that can turn your unhappy thoughts on being single to hopeful, and positive thoughts.

  1. Your circumstances will change. I have been single since my senior year of high school. That mean I have been single for 11 years. Real facts! So understand this, it is going to happen for us. We are going to meet that special someone. You need to remain positive and get out of your own head and way and let the universe work.
  2. Your worthy so keep your standards high. Please people keep your standards high when your single, or whenever. Now I am not saying to keep them so high no one can reach them. One thing that I learn as a single person is that you can not let your loneliness cloud your judgement. So many people date and settle for the wrong people because they are lonely. I’ve done it. So you have to ask yourself why do you hate being alone? Once you figure that out your mindset should start to shift. You will start saying to yourself they are stupid if they don’t want to be around me. Don’t chase anyone. Remember you are the sh*t and anyone that wants to be around you will. So DO NOT settle for anything just because you are afraid of being alone.
  3. Time to get to know & work on yourself. While your single you are given time to get to know yourself. I built a blog, and have tons of things with my life. So now I do not have time to cry over spilled milk. I have respect, love, and value for myself while being single. I ultimatly think this time that GOD has given to me to get loser with myself and make me right for the special someone that he is taking time to make for me. If you are single this is not a time to draw away from yourself, it is time to get closer and self discovery.
  4. Understand that patiences is key. Remember I told you, I have been single for 11 years. Small bumps on the road but hey, I don’t claim them because they only last for 2 months or less. Getting to that right person take a while, but understand that Beyonce was not successful star over night. She worked for year and took time to perfect her craft. So that special person, it make themselves right just for you… they don’t know that. Be patient… that special person will come soon.
  5. Love yourself the way you want your partner to treat you. Self love people! How do you expect someone to love you if you can’t love yourself. Treat yourself kind and with respect first. Be that model so your partner will know. Self love is key, I can’t stress that enough.
  6. Enjoy your own company. Learn to enjoy being around yourself. This was something I really had to work on getting comfortable. For a long time I hate being by myself.

Single Tip…
STOP thinking YOU are unlovable and you’ll never will be married. Here’s the TRUTH about YOU! YOU are SO amazing it took extra time to create your mate. Relax! Trust God’s timing! He hasn’t forgotten you. He just wasn’t ready to share you yet !

Feature Photo: Photographer: Richelle Marie Photography  IG: @richellemariephoto

So, how are you feeling about being single? 

Share with me in the comment section.

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5 Easy “Doable” New Year’s Resolutions

5 Easy “Doable” New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Years Everyone! Does the New Year means new you or another failed resolution?  I do not understand why it is so hard for me to stick to my resolutions.  You go hard for week or two, next thing you know your back to your old habits again. So one ask me did I set any resolutions. I told them, I  am just going to see how it all works. LOL! No pressure this time around.

I learned over the course of time that I were setting my goals/resolutions all wrong.  So I am going to share with you a few of my “doable resolution”. The key that I learn to setting a resolution is to keep it simple, and to make sure it something that you genuinely want to do. I will also suggest to have a plan behind any goal. How are you going to achieve this goal? Lastly, remember that making small steps lead to big changes. Let set ourselves up for success in 2019.

1. Remember to Breathe (4)


What is one of New Year Resolutions? What are you working on in 2019?

Share with me in the comment section.

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3 Simple Ways to Conquer Your Body Insecurities 

3 Simple Ways to Conquer Your Body Insecurities 

So a few weeks ago TomboyX, a gender neutral and eco-friendly underwear line, reached out to me to collaborate for the holiday.  This is my first time ever working with a underwear brand.  I was super excited initially.  However, I was so afraid to get in front of camera to reveal to the world my body. What I wear and my makeup is my comfort zone.  I am comfortable with my clothes on but when I feel it is necessary to take a few of my layers off, I freaked out. Is this the day someone is going to attack me in the comment section? What if I say the wrong thing? Is someone going to noticed that I have a lot of scares on my legs from eczema? You know I have not quite over come all my body insecurities: dry skin, lumps, scars, and my body shape. So I challenge myself with this collaboration. I stripped off a few of layers and got in front of the camera.


Everyone at some point of their lives have felt insecure about how they look. While some are feeling too heavy, their is someone feeling underweight.  Or you can be feeling  too hairy, or someone doesn’t feel they have enough hair. Omg does the cycle every end?  It can feel like it is impossible to get out of. I know for myself body insecurity has been with me since my adolescent, high school, all the way to adulthood.

Society can be quite harsh and unrealistic when it comes to our body. Shade is definitely thrown unfairly on those that are heavy, however what brings me comfort is that society doesn’t have clue.  All that is left is acceptance, and self compassion. I am here say that you can rid yourself of all the negative thoughts and insecurities of your body. The key is to learn how to love your body and to accept all other body types too. There is no cookie cutter body shape for everyone. The time is now to embrace yourself. How can I overcome my insecurities? So in this post sis, we are going to learn a three simple way to conquer those uncertainties.


Learn to Love Yourself

You have to let go of all societal ideals on what the “perfect body” is. Society may have spoon feed us through social media, TV, etc, what the “perfect body” is.  Let me say this calmly, THERE IS NO SUCH THING OF THE “PERFECT BODY”. So accept yours.  I believe standing in front the mirror naked is excellent way to get comfortable with yourself. Focus on saying (or write) 5 things you like about your self. Add a new like everyday. This is self love! You are taking the right step to loving you.

Reversing Negative Body Image

Is it really fair to hold a grudge towards our bodies for the rest of our lives? No, we have to take healthy steps to overcome our insecurities and negative thoughts. Being insecure can open the door for other bad emotions: jealousy, anger, and depression. I believe if you want to change something about yourself, you should only change because YOU want to change. Not for acceptances, or because your being pressured to do so. If you want to improve something physical, start by redeeming your self esteem first. Positive changes will come when you tackle your negative thoughts.

Set Realistic Goals. 

Do not set yourself up for unrealistic goals or aspire to look like someone. For example, I weight 200 pounds. By next month I need to weight 120 pounds. Come on now, I am setting myself for failure. This applies to looks, shape, hair, etc. Understand this if you truly want to change, you have to change for YOU only. There is process for everything, you have to be willing and dedicate.  So brainstorm want you want to achieve, and get as specific as possible. Whatever it is you are wishing to do make sure you do all your research. Smart planning sis !

7Y6A8459Featuring this soft sports bar and boy shorts.  Such a cozy set when you need to take a load off. If you want to be comfort check out  TomboyX and their other underwear styles.

Boy Short “Chilly Penguin Print”// TomboyX**

Essential Soft Bra “Chilly Penguin Print”// Tomboyx**

Location: My Home

Photographer: Daniela Lisi – Nicole & Daniela Photography | IG: @nicole_daniela_studio or @nicole_daniela_photo |Website: 

Special shout to Daniela. I have work with her a few times and I know something great is going to pop off for her. She has an amazing eye to photography and she is super nice!

Do you struggle with a negative body image? What have you done to try to overcome your insecurities? 

Share with me in the comment section. Let me know what I could add to this list.

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**Bra and Boy shorts was given in collaboration with TomboyX. All opinions are my own.