It’s October!!

It’s October!!

Happy October. Omg can you believe it… we are in the 4th quarter of the year ! I can even keep it up. Every time I look it up we are in a new month, almost a new year. Shesh !  So this month is about HEALING ! The focus on healing myself inside and out , and mentally. Last month I hit a big bump , you know that big bump is called life.  The experience really left me feeling really low. I want to help us understand that we make messes in life but we can clean them up. Our flaws and wounds are apart of us but they  don’t minimize the good within us. We are still good people sis and the MOST HIGH still loves us regardless.  So with all that being said I want to focus on healing this month for you and for me, and still bring yall some bomb fashion to mix !

Your purpose is hidden within your wounds.

-Rune Lazuli

Fashion Note

So on the fashion tip this month I notice that the whole 70s trends is back and in full effect. I was at Forever21 the other day and I notice that bell bottoms, bold prints, and wrap dresses were out in display. This is all resembles the 70s one way or the other. It definitely a look and I have been inspired this month to bring the 70s to the fore front. And sense Halloween is near I think I am going to 70s inspired Fashion look as my costume for this halloween season. I can’t wait to show yall what I am working on as my costume this Halloween

Brands that I want to get my hands on this month of course more SheIN, I just need to get   more of understanding with the sizes! Asos Curve, FashionNova, and Pretty Little Things! Speaking of PrettyLittle Things have you seen the new plus size collection that added featuring Ashley Graham. My little heart can’t take it omg!!! So cute, I saw a few pieces I want and need to get my hands on


Blog Note 

For the blog, you know how I feel about continuing to bring quality content an info to the blog for yall my readers. Yall are my friends and I think I want to something special for yall. How about a GIVEAWAY !!. Yeah I feel in the giving spirit so yes it is coming yall way. So stay tuned for that! I will announce it on my BLOG and INSTAGRAM.

Last month I went to another Femology Event: Robes and Rosé! I had so much fun at this event ! If you want to here more about this event check out the Robes and Rose recap. So with that being I going to a 2 more events this month. I love eventing!  Yes I made the word eventing up. When I go to events it get me out my comfort zone. It get me comfortable to talk to other people. So to all my sis out there that are building business and brands—– NETWORKING is very important! COLLABORATING is very important. So that what I am doing !


Personal Note/ Goals

Now for myself! As a blogger I have to keep some things in balance. I have to remember to make sure Alayna is A1. If I am not all together then how can I continue to deliver.  So for myself you already know that my focus is on healing my mind, body, and soul. By doing so I have been searching for a therapist in my area. However, find a black therapist is certainly a hard task.

  1. Find a Black Woman Therapist to help me cope with something in my life
  2. Drink more water and eat less meat
  3. Start reading Sister Souljah- Midnight book
  4. Take my vitamins everyday – because I forget lol
  5. Start Christmas shopping this month so I want be caught slipping at the last minute


That is what is to come for FashionLayn this month ! Happy Healing Everyone !


Story Time: Why I Was Inspired to Start Blogging?

Story Time: Why I Was Inspired to Start Blogging?

I felt compelled today to tell my story as to why I started blogging. I mention it a bit in about me page my blog. However, I never fully went into to details about. I feel comfortable at this time to tell my story. Disclaimer: I have to be really honest with how my brain process things at time. Ha, you might not like the fact that  I started with superficial dreams.  But it is my truth at that time. Hopefully this story will find you and give you to the courage to go for what you want in life. Motivation is the key ! There is always something that spark the flame within you to go for something.

So before I started blogging I was really unsure of myself and not really sure where I fit in the world. Struggling always to find my voice. On top of that all I had a low self-esteem. I would mask my tears and sadness with jokes, laughter, and priding myself on being the class clown. I always wanted everybody to like to me… I wanted to be popular. Let me remind you this was only a few years ago. I was totally confused.  On the flip side, I really did not have sense of style in my opinion. I grew up during that time wear Akadmiks, Pepe, Baby Phat “urban” street wear was in style.  I was mixing trend, wearing outdated things… simply a mess.  Don’t judge… if you are millennial you already know the early 2000s was something else lol !

Shocked Franchesca Ramsey GIF by chescaleigh

So how did I get myself together, First I had to let go of a few things that were hindering me in my past. Bad breakup, Bad friendships and embrace new endeavors.  I had to let go my feelings towards the worst relationship crisis and friendship during my freshman year of college. If you want to read the full story check out my beautifully broken post .  After that horrible experience a few other bad ones I learn that I have to love myself first before I can be in any relationships. So I started focusing on me. I started to take more pride in my appearance and how I valued myself over the time I had to myself.  I started dressing up more, wearing more makeup and trying different styles out. I felt I needed to look the part. I ask my mom for her guidance and I got really into People StyleWatch magazine. By that time I graduated from college and I  was working as intern in Downtown Detroit.  A girl at work got me really hooked on interest. I was creating boards and liking pictures left and right.  I knew at work it was dress free environment but I wanted to step my game up further. I wanted to prove to people, that just because I was a curvy girl does not mean I did not know how to dress that was false.

culture smile GIF

One day while I was on Pinterest I stumble across Kelly Augustine picture. Kelly is plus size blogger/ influencer.  She was so bold and regal in her picture. Kelly Augustine, then it grew to Essie Golden, Osha Waiters, Hayet Rida, GabiFresh, Naturally Fashionable … the list can go on and on.  I was super inspired.  They  were so confident and that want I wanted to be was confident.  Forgot the clothes I wanted the confidences that beamed off of them.  So in 2015 I got the nerve up to start FashionLayn.  And the rest is history !

fierce swimwear GIF

I started showcasing different fashion style however it was hard staying consistent at first. Then I transition into providing a positive message to curvy women. Now I am all into curvy fashion, speaking to millennial, and show off my city, Detroit. I absolutely love to blog and talking to you all like a real life girlfriend! Over the 3 years of blogging I have grown and overcome many obstacles along the way. I super proud with where I am now with my blogging. I am super excited to see how far this go for me !

So the answer to my question, I was inspired to start my blog because I wanted  confidences for myself. I wanted the confidences like all those curvy girls I shared in this story. It is still a real up and down story. I wouldn’t be me if I said I had it all together. I chose to share it with yall! Go for what you want and don’t let anybody tell you it’s not possible.  Be Confident This is my dream and currently living it ! 

letitia wright black girl magic GIF by Republic Records

Special shoutout to BlogWithKim Mastermind Class who inspired me and others to share their story.


It’s September

It’s September

To be totally honest I am so glad August is over ! Like seriously glad it is over. I had fun , and my trip was so awesome but August really made me tired. Simply pulled all over the place. I did not accomplish anything that I feel is note worthy and no goals accomplish !  I may be a bit hard on myself but seriously SMH, real life definitely got at me.  I would not be a real person if I didnt say that things get hard. But I am well aware that all of  this hardship is temporary. So with all that being said September is the month to get back on target ! This month is all for finding balance and keeping it! Balance in wellness, personal life, blogging; umm lets just say everything.  On the flip side, September is one of my favorite months because the season starts to change. Crisp cool air, apple cider mills, and the beautiful autumn leaves. !  Fall Fashion !! If you love fall let me know why down below in the comments!!

Fashion Note

I am so excited! Fall is on its way Yes!! All the September issue magazines have hit the stands and they are giving us all the details on what is in and out for the fall.! My favorite magazine since People StyleWatch is no more is Instyle Magazine. Yes sis this issue is giving me all the tea on the trendy looks, classic looks and accessories.


Can you tell I love fall fashion. I really do so you are going to see a lot of cool looks on the blog. Brands that I want to try out this Fall on this month: more SheIn!, Asos Curve, Pretty Little Things! Can you believe I haven’t tried FashionNova? Well I am going to be trying them too ! 

Blog Note

I have a lot of ideas free floating in my head! When it comes down to the blog I want to stay focus on bringing new and quality content to the blog ! Over the past few month as a blogger I have grown up. I see it get better everyday. I simply want to branch out to other things that make uncomfortable when it’s comes to blogging . Pitching ideas, self hosting, and creating a product . Anyway I want to celebrate that I have gain 100 followers on WordPress. Wow its amazing to know that I am receiving positive vibrations to the blog. Also last month I was feature on Forever 21 plus size Instagram page! I am hoping I can get feature again !! On another note, remember when I said I was going to release my self care planner template.. yeah that did not happen. Still working on how to make this into downloadable print template.  So this coming before the end of September for sure ! Especially for the school year. I know some of my sis are school and it will beneficial. Lastly I am so excited to be going to another Femology event.  If you did not  know a few months ago I went to the Blogger Bash and it was so amazing. This time is Robes and Rosé event ! I am here for this. I love getting a chances to meet new bloggers and networks. As blogger if you really want to flourish I think it is important to develop real relationships with people. So yes with all that being said it so much to look forward to this month.

Personal Note/ Goals

Lastly, now to fix my real life…. I feel like sometimes everything else goes so great but my personal life is always goes a little sideways. So again, this month is all about staying in a healthy balance. Not to far one way or to the other. We all been there! On the flip side, I am super excited for the apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts. This might be extreme but you have not lived if you never tried hot apple cider ! Below are a few of my personal goals that I am working. I need an accountability partner !

  1. Limit my distractions.
  2. Drink more water, Eat more veggies !
  3. Reach out to brands for collaborations
  4. Visit the Cider Mill and get hot apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts !
  5. Start reading “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” Maya Angelou

Ah September ! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul

Yes September I have so much to look forward! Quality content for my readers! Bomb affordable fashionable looks ! Of course I can’t forget about myself… finding some balance.

What is your favorite season ?

Let me know below in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading and don’t hesitate to like, comment and subscribe to my blog.

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push forward.


It’s August

It’s August

August has to be the busiest month for me personally. I have my vacation already booked to Atlanta ! On The Run Tour II  and everything else under the sun.  I am so ready for this vacation. I need a break from it all. That brings me to the subject of  “de-stressing” . While I am on vacation I plan to leave every behind that has been bothering me or holding back to the side and focus on having another fun filled trip in ATL !  This month we are going to focus de-stress our lives while bring dope fashions to blog!


Can you smell Fall.. nah I can’t lol. I am having to much fun enjoying the summer. However, you know the fall fashions pieces are going to start showing up in the stores. I am ready for the deep, bold colors. So how can we bring bit of fall fashion while we still soaking up the summer sun?  Well I am going to test this out this month. I want to try out more brands like Pretty Little Things, Shein, and SimplyBe.


Launch of the self care planner is here. It will be launch in the middle of this month. I have been saying for a couple of months about launching it. Well its coming ! Last I had so much fun going to different events. I want to focus this month on going to more events and networking with other bloggers in city. Femology Blogger Bash was so much for.  I did not realize how big our community of bloggers and influencers were in the city. Lastly I want to get really serious about reaching out brands. I have been terrified but I keep telling myself that close months dont get feed. So I have to focus on putting myself out there!


Last month I really successful with achieving my goals and now I want to put in some effort in keeping myself calm and less stress.

  1. Blog 3 times a week consistently
  2. Focus on stress free lifestyle
  3. Bring my lunch to work 5 days a week
  4. Reach out to brands and pitch ideas
  5. Focus on living life to the fullest


Calmness is the Cradle of Power.


So what are you going to bring calmness and less stress to your life ?

Let me know below in the comment section.