Do it for Love or Do for the Culture… It’s February!

Do it for Love or Do for the Culture… It’s February!

O M G January flew by so fast! Like it was just here but… you know the years fly by fast. January was full of excitement. Birthday check ! Blogging check ! Life kinda well it gets a  check ! LOL I really say January was super successful for me as blogger More likes, more content, creativity all of that . I am also proud to announce that I join the BLOG WITH KIM MASTERMIND class. Yes I as blogger I am always open to learn more and more to become a better blogger and writer.

February I have a lot to look forward too. It is the first day of BLACK HISTORY MONTH!  Black history month is everyday for me however it is a special month and it time to celebrate all the black excellence.  So of course going I do some activities in Detroit for Black History Month and talk about black women. Also a little self love and self care this month.  Since I am single person I try to find ways to keep my spirits up. Of course Valentines Day is right around the corner and I dread seeing all the post on social media. Look what bae got! Omg goals all that jive that drives me to drink LOL. So instead of feeling upset, I got a bae this time . My bae is me so I’m going to treat me! Maybe I’ll find a date this month who knows. The best part of this month is going to be BLACK PANTHER!! hands down !  I have to do it for the culture. Yes Blank Panther is going to be release on Feb. 16 and I going to go the first day because I going to be with the group of loud talkers and clappers lol. Fashion Week is coming yay !! Excited to see what gonna come down the runway!

be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear!


I have so many ideas for the blog this month. We still growth phase and I know BLOG with Kim Mastermind class is going to help as a blogger. At the moment no new brand partnerships or collaborations.  Hmmm. Maybe I will reach out to my blogger boo Leah, Beauty and the Muse, and get some things poppin. The blog is going to focus on self care and self love. Of course the budget friendly wear I definitely gonna give yall the fashion on the budget. In addition, I want to focus on black women this month. I am black women and I understand and know all the stigma of being a black women. So are gonna cover that sis. Maybe even highlight few black excellence.


For myself I want to take care better care of myself mentally. Eat right for anxiety and health. Wellness is going to be important. Maybe even do a water challenge. Lord know I need to drink more water.  Of course I gonna stay focus on finances . YESSS overtime is coming !! I need it.



This month I am a big fan of the graphic tees and solid bottoms ( skirts). So you gonna get a lot  of curvy action. I going to play with lots of colors, patterns, and textures. So excited to see what Fashion Week has to offer. Fashion Week in New York is Feb 9 through Feb 16. So I am going to try to recreate some looks. Also, I can’t wait to get  some new magazine to get a preview of the Spring Fashion !!  Of course we are going to keep everything affordable !

February Goals

  1. Continue to grow the blog
  2. Water drinking challenge
  3. Building an email list
  4. Patronize more black business for this month and going forward
  5. Practice self love
  6. Apple Cider Vinger. Didn’t work out well for January. Try again February.
  7. Fenty Beauty Products
  8. Finish reading The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae
  9. Deep clean my apartment ! Starting with my closet


Yes so much to come !

push forward.



So I’m Just to Cooool for You… “Right”!

So I’m Just to Cooool for You… “Right”!

I stay in the Friend Zone… Living Single in 2018s kinda of world I’m glad I got my girls !!! LOL .

Listen to me …I have been curved, I have been friend zoned. I have been confused. I have been without a label. Simply I have no idea where my love life is gonna go. SO I am Living Single 🙂 living single GIF


I am so over trying to date in this day in age. It so hard ! But I am not gonna give up.

I have always been the girl who tried to be down with the guys. I am also super shy.  I would watch sports, play video games all those things to impress the guys.  Dating is a nervous thing for me so I have a tendency of hiding my true feelings,  and my excitement.  I want to show I am really chill. Also I always wait for the guys to take lead. So with all that being said I had to start looking back at myself and see why dating and my love life is at a stand still.  Maybe you are just tooo cool for the guys. Could it be I am actually holding myself back from finding love …. lol I always thought it was just the guys fault lol. I can’t place the blame on all the guys I have come in too contact with.

With all that being said you just play it too cool when in comes to dating or being in relationship.

How can this be… These are the things that I learn from myself that show I play it too cool… Something to think about it !  Have you display some of these thing ?

  • Being too passive can attract the wrong people: Trying to be chill can be actually read as you don’t take anything serious. Well I do take things seriously I just do not wanna over estimate this.
  • Never take any action: I was ashamed and nervous to take my dating to online. At least be willing to try and put yourself out there. So I made it on a dating site. Its okay 🙂
  • Giving off the “Friend Zone” vibes:  I am the girl who really likes the guy, but  he coming to me for advice about another girl. WHY !!! I have been placed in the friend zone a lot. People read friend vibes off of me all the time. So be honest and tell that guy how you feel. Shoot your shot !

Image result for friend zone gif

  • Pick up the phone: I love to text ! But my suggestion is to pick up the phone and have a conversation. I really miss this !

alright tracee ellis ross GIF

  • “Friend Zone” but he wants the whole chicken… really the thighs and the breast. LOL( Friends with BENEFITS): This one is really not for me! I have been in this situation and I didn’t even know it until I ask “WHAT ARE WE”… He said friends that are just enjoy each other. This situation can get really messy if feelings start to flare.  So make it clear what you want ! and if your feelings change about them let it be known immediately.
starz texting GIF by Survivor’s Remorse
  • Easy Going= Fail!: I don’t know how to speak up somethings, I go with the flow too much. I just want to show that I am easy going… fail ! My friends told me to speak up sometimes about what you want to do. It may show of that you are not interested.

Image result for black girls gif

  • No eye contact: When I am nervous on date I hate making eye contact with the guy. Are you interest or not ? So don’t be afraid to show your interested with your eyes. Give a little eye contact
  • Waiting for them to take the lead: Honestly why I am waiting for guys to let me know how they feel about me ? Lord knows men do not know how to show their emotions!
  • I hate rejection: Because I afraid of rejection I don’t even try ! How is that going to improve your love life. Go ahead and put yourself our there. Are you gonna land in the hospital if he says no? HMMM maybe not lol!

rejected golden state warriors GIF by NBA


If I want to date more then I definitely going to be a bit more proactive. Of course not gonna give up on men lol.  LOL if you wanna date you can if you don’t not a problem. I just going to be a bit more proactive with dating. Maybe get over my fear in asking guys out.  Work on my shyness and work on be too chill. “I really do care I just don’t want you to know attitude” I’m gonna work on it. I plan to speak up and tell men exactly how I feel and what I want.


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Golden Moment for all Woman

Golden Moment for all Woman

and for men…..

I am late to the party. Honestly I normally don’t watch the Golden Globe Awards. It always seem middle age and boring to me. I had to watch Oprah accept the Cecil B DeMille Award. I wasn’t prepared for Oprah to make a remarkable, powerful speech.  Lord she really brought the house down and I am glad that I was able to witness and hear this speech today.  I am the young woman sitting in front of the tv : “cheap seats” absorbing it all being inspire by the movement. My voice is powerful and my truth is my tool. Its one of those speeches that I will carry with me.. I printed it out of course. The movement and Oprah’s speech made me feel comfortable telling my ME TOO story. 


I remember being at a college party with some friends. It was so crazy I was on my way out  I got pulled in the bathroom by this guy that was at the party. It was an apartment party off of campus.  The guy was there the whole night and he was drunk and I remember not really paying any attention to him.  While in the bathroom he was feeling all on me and kissing all over me. I can remember saying stop and no and in my head I DID NOT want this at all. I remember trying to say calm… don’t make a scene. I was frozen.  Thank GOD my friends were there and they were able to get me out of situation.  Thank GOD nothing else happen.  How did I condition myself to just brush it off. What the hell was I thinking? It took me awhile to really understand but this was sexual assault. It was not right.  I didn’t even realize that actually happen to me.   I think about how many times… too many times I brushed off men making me uncomfortable. Putting me in a bad position.  Just saying men will be men. But enough is enough. Me too & Time is Up.


Ladies stand up !  LISTEN UP !! I’M TALKING No matter what somebody has to say stand up and speak you truth. You are powerful. Lets make it point to change the norm. This is great day for woman, a great day for change. Understand this we still have a lot of hurdles to get over. But it forces us all, women and men to have the conversation. We need the conversation !! 

OPRAH 2020 ??

Well, lets Oprah live her best life.

speak you truth

push forward.



Burr…. Its Cold… Its January !!

Burr…. Its Cold… Its January !!

I SAIDDDDD BURRRRRR ITS COLD IN HERE… I SAY IT MUST ME SOME CLOVERS IN THE ATMOSPHERE…… “BRING IT OWN” LOL yea the arctic blast is killing me. Subzero temps geez it really cold and it murder on my skin.

Welp we made it y’all !! My Lord we made it to the New Years and it such a blessing. 

The last few months has been so hard but it time to put the past behind us. Be present and think forward. Lol I want to really want to say “its the new year new me phrase”…. but I’m not gonna be cliche lol. I am going to put action to all the things I say. I really get to start over and make some things right. 

January is my favorite month especially for my blog. It my BIRTHDAY MONTH, not only that but its my BLOGIVERSARY, and I get to celebrate my SORORITY... of course so much more!! I have a lot of new ideas that have been brewing and they are going to be put into action.  This is call phase GROWTH for the blog. ( Last year was consistency… this year is growth).   Guess you can say they go hand and hand.

****If you only here for the fashion scroll down a bit to “ON THE FASHION TIP”


No current brand partnerships and collaborations at the moment…. but I plan to let my creative side take it away this month.  This month on the blog  I want to focus on being creative and show you budget friendly outfits. I normally keep everything budget friendly but it the theme of this month so ride with me. Let talk about shopping our closest together.  Putting some look together with what we already have. And using those gift cards ! Lets saves those coins because Christmas got some of our pockets short. I know my money is not long this month LOL. Lastly I want to get my fashion game up. Project Fashion Style Up in effect. I am a fashion blogger, thats what  do and I love fashion, but I want to get better. I got to come through for y’all and of course myself with the glow up.

Personal note:

I want to focus on living my truth. being honest with myself. Its really scary sometimes but I want to get honest stop wearing blinder to somethings. Face this shit head on.  Also get these finances in order. I AM TIRED OF CRYING BROKE !!! So let get the budgeting, and savings together. Lastly I want to let go of my past. I think some past issues are kinda haunting me. LET GO and LET GOD! I have to really mean it. 


Espirt booties Christmas Gifts 🙂 

Shop my look: Esprit Halona Lace Up Combat Booties (LINK) *** I got the deal they are super cheap… Click that link sis !

I am currently wearing the boot and they are super cute.  I saw them on Essie Golden’s page (of course check her out) and I had to have them. So, I am on her page like a stalker trying to find where she got the combat boots. She posted a link for  TjMaxx however they didn’t have my size. HELL they were all out. I just stop looking. However on Christmas they were under the tree.  Really they were under the tree Yess sis, OMG my mom got the same exact boots. Lord my momma got the gifts. The shoes are so bad ass. My favorite part of the shoe are the laces and lug sole. DONT GET YOU ASS KICKED LOL JK


My January Goals: 

  1. Letting go of the past
  2. Celebrating my 28th birthday in style (Sidenote: Still trying to iron out the details)
  3. Get these damn wisdom teeth out my head
  4. Grow the blog: I want to reach 1500 followers on instagram… work smart
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar shot regimen SHOTS !! SHOTS!! SHOTS!!. Wellness is key
  6. Yoga 2 times a week
  7. Crawl out of minor credit card debit!! Trust me its not a lot lol 😉 but still get out of it 
  8. Patiences !!!

January is the beginning of anything you want!


Lets really make this month a great month y’all. Lets really take some time to get center, laugh, play and enjoy the ones that are with you. Step yo coins, shake up the spot. Seriously !! Lets have fun and Live every day like its are last. 

oh yea!! do me a favor…. you know show me some love.. like comment and share

push forward. have a well and prosperous new year.