May First…

Happy Friday everyone! Is it me or did April fly by. In a blink of an eye we are now in May. Wow!! So how are you doing? Are you working from home? Are you still under a stay-at- home? For myself, I am still working from home and Michigan has extended the stay at home order. Overall, I am okay with it all. I am thankful that I have the option to work from home, and happy that I have more time to myself- it’s kinda of a blessing in disguise. On today’s post I am reflecting, sharing my personal goals, latest fashion style & trends, and a brief blog note for the month of May.

During the stay at home, I have been able to take time out to redecorate my home, save more money, eat a little better, and get close to my mom. Like I said it has been blessing. I make more time  to pray and meditate during all of this. I need it because this new normal at times has me stressed out or super tired. Overall, it has been somewhat taxing at times, but I am looking forward and open to May. The new month, better weather, and more positivity! Even though we are engulf in a pandemic, I refuse to let it steal my joy.

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Fashion Note

Let’s talk about fashion! So what is your go to fashion while working from home? My go to fashion lounge sets, over-sized shirts, and my trusty dusty headscarf. Now, I want to switch it up, it starting to get a little warmer. So I feel like I can pull off a plan dress with long cardigan. Or maybe animal print biker shorts with over-sized tee. It so many cozy and stylish work from options. Since I am working from home I want to share more easy ways to style yourself at home.

To switch gears a little bit, spring to summer fashion. It is May, if is not already, it significantly warmer. I want to put for some effort, wearing and showing how I style myself during the spring to summer transitional months. Stay tuned I will giving yall the looks. Lets get into this fashion report

Fashion Report

According to May issue of InStyle Magazine & Harper Bazaar

  • bright blue monochromatic looks
  • embrace knit dresses/ crochet & pair it with shoulder bag
  • boho blouses or prints
  • basket look- woven accessories
  • braided/ strap sandals
  • pair your neutrals with a pop of red
  • stay at home look- easy slip dresses, silk pajamas, jump suits, lounge wear
micros trend
    • water color prints
    • ruching textures
    • wearable arts
    • tie front cardigan

What style and/or trends are looking forward to trying?


Blog Note

Last month, I was so in my head about blogging. I was being hard on myself about everything I was posting. Like I stated before, I was having a hard time figure out what to topics to discuss during the pandemic. So, some days I was really productive when it came to blogging, then it was days when I was not. So I went back to basic, I gain inspiration through other content creator, and Pinterest. I think I finally made it out of funk, and I ready to get back to really blogging, and creating content this month.

On the flip side, During this time I was able to revisit my business plan, and get center in finding my true audience as a blogger. I have to remember that I can’t do it all, and I can’t please all. To add,  I have been able to reach out to brands, and pitch ideas- that is awesome. Overall, in the month May I want to still focus on fashion, bringing you all spring to summer/ stay at home looks, stay true to my brand, and continue to push out helpful content .

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Personal Note & Goals

hard times..

On the personal side of things, April was another hard month  for me. I was under pressure from my job, working long hours and not making more time for myself.  Another added, I have been super hard on myself , and in my head as blogger.  Feeling like I have to always be productive, and creating something. I was under pressure and creating more and more pressure. To add, I was having boy troubles. That can bring everything to a head really quick!   So unhealthy right.

The wake up…

So it was a MUST I take a step back and reevaluate some things. Work was always going to be there, so I  am trying to figure out ways to readjust my schedule to work with my highly demanding job in the mortgage field.

Then, I had to get out of my own way ( out my head) as blogger,  get back to basic. I went back to time when I would just get inspired by other content creators, and really figure out my core values are. Pinterest really help me out of my funk.  Like I said I took a step back.

With the boy troubles…….. lol he since then apologize. We are good for now.  Let me add, he is not my boyfriend- he is just guy that has my attention and he is kinda cute lol. Save this for another time.


Overall, I have been working on my, myself, and I am  redecorating my home!  Getting back to prayer, meditating, and reading my confident woman devotional. I wan to do all I can to make I am calm and at 100%. I must say redecorating my space has lit a fire under me.  I can’t wait to show y’all my space. A home series is definitely coming. I refuse to let myself get in my way.

In May My Goals Are…
  1. Give myself time to pray and meditate in the morning
  2. Exercise for 20-30 minutes for 3 days out of the week
  3. Commit to healthier morning routine- Like pray, continue to stretch, and waking up on time (stop snoozing)
  4. Drink 64 oz of water daily
  5. Take 30 minutes to myself to do nothing


Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: Me, Myself, & I


Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of May is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.



  • Love what you said about not letting the pandemic steal your joy. I’ve been enjoying staying home. Here in south Florida some parks are opening up but I’m not ready to go anywhere yet! I’m still going to work but with more time to myself on the weekends I’ve been working on my blog and Instagram more. I’m happy that I’ve been able to save money too! One thing I want to work on is having a consistent morning routine with prayer, breakfast, and some light exercise. Its a new month and I’m determined to stick to it!

    • Yeah you just cant let it get to you, it is so out of our control. I am trying to stay consistent with my morning routine, however it has been hard. Yeah new month, it is going to be better !

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