I See You Struggling Sis … Tell Me About It

I just took DNA test turns out 100% that bitch, even when I’m crying crazy… Yeah I got boy problems, thats human in me… Bling Bling, then I solve’em that the goddess in me/// LIZZO – Truth Hurts. Yess I have been playing this song non stop. (Take a Listen

Yeah I’m not sure what the lyric has anything do with self care or what I am about to post. However, I consider this song apart of my self care regimen. Music is the answer to most of my problems.  Those lyrics can explain most of the time exactly how I am feeling. Besides music makes me feel good.

Anywho, I was scrolling down my timeline on Insta and I came across a question: How will you take better care of yourself this year ?  It got me thinking girl…  Hmm of course eating healthy.. its always on my agenda. Beside eating what can I do to make myself feel so much better.  I learn over the years that before you can do anything else you have to take care of yourself first. You will think that it is common sense… but really we do more for other people more than we know. Yes it great to do things for other. It shows that you are selfless but have to checked up on you.  I am telling you it okay to be selfish sometimes… just don’t be hoe about it.

Girl I see you struggling over there ? I know you see me too 

So press pause for second and lets put somethings back into place for this year. 

Broken Crayons Still Color 

Okay lets go back to question!


Think about some of the things you struggle with last year. Let try to get hold of it so we won’t let it f *** us up in this new year. Girl, I want you to be a better you tomorrow. Mind you its okay if you fall, dust yourself and check yo crown and proceed to the route… ha

These are some of the things that I’m gonna do to take care of myself :

  1. Remember that lyrics I was quoting early: 100% dat bitch… (sidenote: scroll up hun its in bold). Yeah that quote..  I really want to embodied that confidences. That lyric is screaming that yeah I got problem but I solve them. I get myself together, dust myself off and keep it pushing.
  2. Put myself first and not be sorry for it.
  3. Literally I am what I eat. So I need to eat better so I can feel better. Your gut really rules a lot of things. With that being said I am going to adopt one day out of week to not eat meat!
  4. Say NO!
  5. No more push over. Last time I check I wasn’t a door mate. Speak Up!
  6. Take more days off regardless if I am or not going on vacation.
  7. Put that damn phone down. Unplug girl
  8. Stop making myself so available
  9. Get a manicure month twice a month and pedicure once a month
  10. Meditation 3 times a week and yoga 2 times a week to improve my mental health
  11. Laugh out loud. Laughing is good for soul. One way I get my laugh on is I listen to podcast. “The Read is my currently my favorite podcast.  Kid Fury and Crissle make me laugh so hard.
  12. Lastly, don’t be so uptight… Relax

So its on you girl? Think long hard about this. How will take better are of yourself this year ? Remember to be better you for you. Let me know in the comment what you are gonna do to improve yourself.  Lizzo got me feeling inspired today.

Image result for lizzo gif
Lizzo always giving great vibes

Boss Up and Change yo life/// LIZZO- Good As Hell 

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push forward



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